Missouri Kindergartner’s Teacher Wouldn’t Let Her Use The Bathroom, Forced To Sit In Soiled Pants All Day, Parent Claims

A mother of a Missouri elementary school student claims that a teacher refused to allow her daughter use the restroom, forcing the girl instead to sit in soiled pants for several hours, Addicting Info is reporting.

To make matters worse, the girl’s mother, Amber Brignole, claims that she has gotten no apologies from the school’s teacher, principal, the local school board, or even officials in Missouri’s education bureaucracy.

Amber claims that on May 4, some time after lunch her daughter asked her kindergarten teacher, Marsheila Colvin, for permission to use the bathroom. She was denied.

The elementary school student would later find out, once she was finally allowed to use the bathroom, that she had defecated in her pants. Being embarrassed and fearing she would get into trouble if she spoke up, the five-year-old tried to clean her soiled shorts and underwear.

When the unnamed elementary school student was picked up by her parents that afternoon, they saw — and smelled — that something was amiss. Her parents turned around and headed back to the school, hoping the girl’s teacher would have some answers.

“Her bottom was red and sore. My child sat in her poopy underwear the majority of her time at school and it wasn’t noticed, supposedly. My child will be 6 next week. When she needs to go to the bathroom, she needs to go. If the teacher didn’t notice the smell and the stain, she isn’t watching or paying attention well enough.”

Unfortunately, when the parents went to the school principal, answers weren’t forthcoming. School principal Brad Cooper promised to speak to the teacher in question, but declined to tell the parents what punishment, if any, the teacher would face, citing employee privacy.

Addicting Info writer Stephen D. Foster, Jr. is not impressed with that excuse.

“Last time I checked, Licking R-8 is a PUBLIC school so parents and the community-at-large have a right to know what disciplinary action is being taken against a teacher.”


In fact, despite Mr. Foster’s feelings to the contrary, Amber Brignole is not legally entitled to know what happened to the teacher in question. A spokesperson for the Missouri Department of Education confirmed to us, via telephone, that discipline handed out to teachers is considered a confidential personnel matter.

Not satisfied with the lack of answers she got from the elementary school’s principal, Amber took her complaints to the school superintendent, the school counselor, even an official with Missouri’s education bureaucracy — in this case, Area Supervisor Mike Wutke. She claims that every step of the way, she was either blown off or met with outright hostility.

It should be noted that only Amber’s side of the story is available, since none of the school officials involved have spoken on the record.

Amber says she is considering filing a lawsuit against the Missouri school who did nothing to the teacher who forced her daughter to sit in soiled pants for several hours.

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