Failing To Get His Macaroni And Cheese Fix, Man Goes Postal At Pennsylvania Turnpike Rest Stop

Dean Chambers

A man stopped at Roy Rogers at a Pennsylvania Turnpike rest stop in hopes of enjoying some macaroni and cheese and got enraged when the store said they were out of it, Fox News reported today. Kevin Nelson, age 47, got enraged at the lack of macaroni and cheese at the Roy Rogers, and police were called to arrest him and cite him for disorderly conduct yesterday.

"Police say Nelson stopped at a Roy Rogers at a rest stop in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County on Monday night then became angry and agitated and began to curse after learning the restaurant was out of macaroni and cheese," Fox News reported.

"Police say Nelson then got coffee from another vendor, and returned to order potatoes at the Roy Rogers. Told they were out of potatoes, too, Nelson allegedly became enraged and began throwing condiments over the counter."

Nelson, from Amsterdam, Penn. had stopped at the Roy Rogers and attempted to get an order of macaroni and cheese and was told they didn't have any left. The Blue Mountain service plaza, where Nelson stopped, is located in Hopewell Township, in Cumberland County in Pennsylvania.

For many, a bowl of macaroni and cheese is quite important, and many consider the right to enjoy it a fundamental civil right. But having a major temper fit at Roy Rogers and throwing condiments around was probably something Kevin Nelson regretted doing once the state police came by to deal with him.

Macaroni and cheese is as American as anything and we've likely all grown up eating the stuff as kids. The Inquisitr is reporting that Kraft has announced that its macaroni and cheese will be dye-free in 2016, the latest in moves by major food manufacturers to remove unhealthy ingredients from their products.

"Your childhood memories are being ruined, but you'll probably be much healthier because of it. So, consider this a trade-off: Kraft will remove purportedly harmful Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 food dyes from its safety-orange macaroni and cheese starting in January next year," the Inquisitr reported about Kraft changing it's macaroni and cheese products.

Perhaps, it is those chemicals in the macaroni and cheese that made Nelson go postal at the rest stop when Roy Rogers employees told him they had run out of his favorite side order. It's a shame any day in America when one can't get a bowl of macaroni and cheese, but perhaps the more sensible solution for Nelson was to drive to the next service area in search of his cheddar cheese fix.

[Photo of macaroni and cheese from Getty Images]