Jennifer Ramsaran: New York Woman Killed By Husband Ganesh ‘Remy’ Ramsaran Airs On Tonight’s ‘Dateline NBC’

Jennifer Ramsaran, a New York woman who was found murdered two months after she went missing will have her case featured on tonight’s episode of Dateline NBC. Jennifer Ramsaran was killed by her husband Ganesh ‘Remy’ Ramsaran because he wanted to collect on the insurance money and live with his mistress and lover, Eileen Sayles.

The Jennifer Ramsaran murder case made national headlines in December, 2012, when the stay-at-home mother of three vanished from her Sheff Road Home in New Berlin. Jennifer Ramsaran‘s husband, IBM manager Ganesh Ramsaran, told police investigators that his 36-year old wife left the home headed to the mall to go shopping. Her disappearance baffled her family members and friends.

According to court records, Jennifer spent much of her time on the internet communicating with men who played fantasy games, so it was believed that she may have been harmed by someone she met online.

But as police looked more closely at the couple’s marriage, it was revealed that Jennifer Ramsaran had grown unhappy in her marriage and had made an appointment to see a divorce lawyer. The day that she went missing, police learned from her online boyfriend that she had made plans to pick up some money that he was sending her. Even more shocking, police learned that her husband, Ganesh Ramsaran, who everyone called Remy, also had a lover — Jennifer’s best friend, Eileen Sayles, according to WBNG 12 Action News.

As detectives sifted through the messy love triangle, it became clear that Remy knew more about his wife’s disappearance than he had led on.

In February, 2013, Jennifer’s body was found on the side of the road in Pharsalia, New York — not far from where her cell phone and car had been found. Jennifer’s blood was found in the home and in Remy Ramsaran’s car. He was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife. A Chenango County jury found him guilty and sentenced him to 25-years-to-life.

Eileen Sayles was apologetic about what happened but true friends and family members of Jennifer Ramsaran find it appalling that a woman could sleep with her best friend’s husband while acting as if nothing was going on. While testifying on the stand, Eileen Sayles seemed honest about what happened in the relationship. But many say that even though she was not prosecuted or accused of killing Jennifer Ramsaran, her actions and her affair with her best friend’s husband definitely played a part in her death.


Eileen Sayles made a statement regarding her friend’s death.

“I would really like Jennifer’s family to know how sorry I am for their loss. Jennifer was an amazing, amazing woman and mother. I’m very sorry for what they’ve been through. I have not spoken out since the beginning of Jennifer’s disappearance. I thought I would get a chance to talk from my heart today. I want Jennifer’s family to know I only wish for peace for her entire family and peace for Remy’s family.”

Tune in to Dateline NBC tonight to see how the Jennifer Ramsaran case unfolded.

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