Man Drags Georgia Cop With His Car After Being Stopped, Disturbing Footage Goes Viral [Video]

A recent incident involving a Georgia police officer and a shoplifting suspect quickly escalated from bad to worse. According to WJCL, 23-year-old Brandon Christopher Adams was stopped by a Savannah Chatham police officer. When asked to step out of the vehicle, Adams repeatedly told the officer he needed to "call his brother."

Of course, the officer wasn't interested in hearing excuses over the simple order so he reached inside the window of the car to remove the keys from the ignition. That's when the entire incident took a horrific turn.

The body cam footage shows Adams pressing the gas and taking off with the officer inside the vehicle. He can be seen dragging the officer as he drives in an attempt to flee the scene. Eventually the officer falls from the vehicle, and Adams drives away.

The Savannah Chatham Police Department released the footage in an effort to locate Adams. Major Larry Branson has released a statement on behalf of the SCMPD in defense of the officer. Based on the footage retrieved from the dash cam, the officer did nothing wrong. Adams simply failed to follow orders. Although it is not recommended that an officer reach inside a vehicle, Major Branson stated the officer did nothing wrong.

"We instill in our officers from very early on, we will not lay down and die. We will do everything we can do to survive," said Branson. "If a subject refuses to respond to my mere presence and my verbal direction. Then I can lay hands on them. Depending on the circumstance, again in this situation, the officer was absolutely right. If the officer has to reach into the car, one of the things he or she wants to be aware of are any dangers, if the car is moving. Entanglements in the seat belt. Weapons in the car," he said.

It has been reported that Adams turned himself in on Thursday, May 14, reports WSAV.

Adams has been charged with aggravated assault of a police officer and felony obstruction of an officer.

[Image via WJCL Screen Capture]