'God At Work’: Brain Dead Teen Pulled From Life Support Awakens, Makes Full Recovery After Prayer

Fourteen-year-old Taylor Hale was declared brain dead after she fell off of the hood of a car while horsing around with friends. The young girl's head hit the pavement causing "irreversible" brain damage. Doctors told the teen's family to prepare for a funeral as Taylor's brain had suffered a brain hemorrhage that caused her brain to partially slide into her spinal canal, a devastating diagnosis that is almost always fatal and is considered medically irreversible. Therefore, doctors removed the girl from life support and had her family say their final goodbyes.

However, a devoted Christian and family friend, Jeff Stickel, had other plans. The man says he was called by God to heal the teen. He went to Taylor's hospital room and asked the family if he could pray for her healing and the family agreed. What happened next shocked not only Taylor's family, but also hospital staff.

The Des Moines Register reports that Taylor Hale was placed in a medically induced coma for seven days after the accident that left her brain dead. However, after the teen's brain slipped into her spinal canal, doctors gave up hope and prepared the family to say goodbye as the damage was deemed "irreversible."

"No one comes back from that, the doctors told Taylor's mother. Nothing more could be done."

Taylor was removed from life support, but family friend Jeff Stickel couldn't give up hope. Stickel says he felt God had called him to heal the girl. Stickel, who was also a chiropractor, arrived and asked Taylor's parents if he could work on the teen as he felt God was calling him to perform a healing. However, the family questioned Stickel's ability to work on an unconscious patient. Chuck, Taylor's father felt the idea was bad.

"Have you ever worked on an unconscious person before? Well, I'm not for it."

Stickel said he understood and asked if instead he could just pray for Taylor. The family agreed, and he placed a hand on Taylor's neck and began to pray that God would heal the young girl who had so much life left to live.

Stickel then left the hospital, but just a few hours after the prayer for healing, Taylor began gasping for air on her own without the help of life support. Doctors immediately put the teen back on life support and she began to show signs of brain improvement, much to the disbelief of her medical team. Chuck, who had been skeptical of Stickel's call to healing, says his daughter's recovery is absolutely the work of God.

"It was the hand of God at work. That's the only thing that can explain it. The doctors said nobody comes back from the hemorrhage she had. Yet here she is."

Taylor is now 17, and against all odds, is fully recovered except for problems with memory. Taylor can now walk, talk, and even drive on her own. The teen is slated to graduate from Waukee High School next week.

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Taylor Hale]