Maryland Woman Charged For Serving Skin Milk To Her Roommate

Dean Chambers

"Everyone knows that skin milk is worse than two percent," the Huffington Post reported today. Sarah Schrock is in legal trouble now for having put skin shavings, allegedly from her feet, into the milk that her roommate was drinking.

"A Mechanicsville, Maryland, woman faces charges of felony contaminating and second-degree assault after police say she tainted her roommate's milk with pieces of her skin on May 4," the Huffington Post reported. "From a release posted on the blog of the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office: After one of the victim's [sic] swallowed some of the milk, she began to choke on a substance in the milk. She then coughed up the substance and discovered what appeared to be human skin... They subsequently poured the remainder of the milk into a strainer and found what appeared to be human skin shavings in the milk container."

Schrock's roommate said the skin shavings from Schrock's feet were saved in a tray and late added to the milk. There had been some problems between the two, and Schrock had been served with a peace order protecting her roommate. It is not known if the skin milk incident is an act of retribution for the peace order.

"A 56-year-old woman was arrested after being accused by her roommate of placing skin shavings from her feet into the milk that was kept at their home," Fox News 5 WTTG reported. "Authorities say Schrock's roommate and two other people poured the milk stored in their refrigerator into glasses for dinner. Two of the victims choked on a substance in the milk, which was found to be human skin shavings after they poured the remainder of the milk into a strainer."

CBS News Baltimore reported the incident as an attempted poisoning because Schrock put the skin shavings in the milk.

CBS News reported, "Schrock was charged with three counts of assault in the second degree, poisoning of/contaminating food and for failure to comply with a peace order, according to court records."

Schrock went to jail for serving skin milk, the Inquisitr reported, "The Mechanicsville woman was jailed in lieu of 10 percent of a $10,000 bond related to food contamination, as well as second-degree assault on Allison Depriest and Jessica Whitney Hurry during an incident at her home located off of Golden Beach Road."

The incident was described by the Inquisitr as happening this way.

"According to the Southern Maryland Newspaper Online, Schrock was home alone until around dinner time when Hurry and Depriest arrived. Schrock served milk with dinner. Depriest began to choke and coughed up what appeared to be human skin."

[Photo of Sarah Schrock from the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office.]