The Brassage Bra: Little Support For The Self-Massaging Lingerie

A clothing manufacturer is coming under fire for its self-massaging bra called the Brassage. The Brassage bra is said to “promote healthy breast tissue” by delivering a nonstop massage while it’s on. Its makers go as far as to claim regular bras could be harmful for your health because, without the massaging feature, they encourage toxins to build up in the breasts.

The Brassage Bra

Previously retailing for around $60, the Brassage Bra was created by Intimate Health. ABC’s “Good Morning America” took a close look at the product this morning and questioned some of its claims.

“There’s no evidence the Brassage helps prevent anything,” the network says in its report. “And there’s no scientific data to support” its makers’ statements about regular bras’ toxin-forming effects, the story adds.

ABC News also notes that while the Brassage has marketing material claiming it was “doctor-designed,” in actuality, a chiropractor created the concept behind it — not an actual medical doctor.

Sales and manufacturing of the Brassage stopped shortly after ABC started questioning its claims, the network says.

See the full “Good Morning America” video report here.