Anvato: The Internet Video Detective

A new startup launched this week wants to be your Internet video detective.

Anvato promises to track down anyone who’s stolen your copyrighted video content and reposted it on his or her own site. The subscription-based service first has you upload your original protected video to its server. Anvato then performs an exhaustive Internet-wide search for any site with matching content.

“Our patent pending technology looks at video the same way the human eye does,” the site explains. “We use machine vision to find illegal duplicates based on visible content, not watermarks. We scan one million minutes of video under five seconds. Our method is robust against missing or replaced sound, image degradation or compression, [and] video editing attacks.”

Once offending videos are found, Anvato offers you the option of either contacting the site owner to request the video be removed, or proposing a contextual advertising system in which you share the profits.

Anvato is based out of Mountain View, California. Its web site claims to have discovered more than 34 million copyright-violating videos since its launch.