Nestle Is Renaming KitKat To Celebrate 80th Anniversary

Nestle is renaming the KitKat bar to celebrate its 80th anniversary. The limited edition candy will be called “YouTube break” and will only be available in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Company officials confirmed the initiative is part of a collaboration between Nestle and Google.

The KitKat bar, which was originally called Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp, debuted in England in 1935. Two years later, it was renamed the Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp in honor of London’s infamous Kit-Cat Club.

The 17th-century organization, which was comprised of politicians and writers, got its name from Christopher Catling. As reported by History, Catling owned the shop where the Kit-Cat Club held their meetings.

The Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp brand was purchased by Nestle in 1988. It was later renamed the KitKat bar.

KitKats are made of crispy wafers covered in milk chocolate. As the bars contain deep grooves, they can be easily broken into four separate bars.

As reported by CBS News, Nestle KitKats are available in several unique flavors, including baked potato, soy sauce, and fruit parfait. However, the name has never changed.

The “Celebrate the Breakers Break” campaign will include the “biggest redesign” of KitKat’s packaging and logo. Nestle will rename KitKat “YouTube break” on 600,000 packages. Other packages will feature unique “break” logos, including “me break” and “sporty break.”

The candy giant expects to produce “more than 100 million” limited edition packs throughout the duration of the campaign.

Nestle UK and Ireland CEO Dame Fiona Kendrick discussed the company’s collaboration with Google and the unique campaign in a press release.


“At Nestle we’re delighted to be working with Google again. As KitKat celebrates its 80th anniversary and YouTube turns 10 this year, it is really exciting to be taking the partnership to a new phase with our most iconic brand and slogan… We’re passionate about giving something back to our consumers which lead us to the idea to ‘celebrate the breakers break.'”

Kendrick said the campaign will encourage consumers to “have the most enjoyable break possible.”

As YouTube and KitKat are both popular among consumers, Nestle and Google simply suggest combing the two for the perfect break.

Nestle confirmed the renamed candy is now available from many retailers throughout Ireland and the UK.

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