Supergirl Trailer: Some Fans Cheer, Some Cry, Others Slam

The first official Supergirl trailer for the highly-anticipated CBS television series was released online Wednesday.

It did not take very long at all for the six-minute trailer to become a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter.

During their upfront presentations on Wednesday, CBS executives gave DC Comics fans and critics exactly what they have been yearning to see ever since the news of a Supergirl television series was first confirmed.

The clip provides an intense & detailed preview of perhaps the first episode of the series — focusing on such points as Supergirl’s back-story, her connection to Superman as well as her journey towards coming to grips with her superpowers and newly developed identity as a superhero.

Based on the reactions and responses that flooded Twitter, the overall consensus is that a lot of fans and critics are even more excited about the Supergirl television series now that the first official trailer/preview has been released.

Some people even admitted that the six-minute preview of the Supergirl series brought them to tears — in a good way.

However, there were also quite a few comments that would not necessarily fall under the same “absolutely positive” category. For instance, some people focused their tweets on irony. For instance, Supergirl’s costume was one of the ironic areas targeted.

Some comments even compared the Supergirl trailer to the hilarious Saturday Night Live parody of a Black Widow romantic comedy film.

Others were simply not happy with the overall direction and tone of the show in general — especially the fans that were expecting a darker approach to the iconic DC Comics character.

Okay so this Supergirl trailer… It’s too light hearted. There’s nothing wrong with not being gritty and dark, but this too ‘bubbly’

— MrNeeNaw (@MrNeeNaw) May 13, 2015

Regardless of what the fans and critics have to say about the series, CBS executives must have a lot of big hopes for Supergirl –– months before the first episode is scheduled to air.

The superhero drama series, which is executive produced and co-created by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) has reportedly received an early series order.

According to Deadline, CBS was faced with an early deadline to decide on the pilot. Apparently, the decision has been made — and it was in favor of not stopping with just a pilot.

What did you think about the new Supergirl trailer? Does CBS have a huge hit on their hands?

[Image Credit: Slash Film]