Samsung Customers Praise ‘Groundbreaking’ Gear VR Headset For Galaxy S6

Best Buy may have failed to deliver the Gear VR to Samsung Galaxy S6 owners this past Friday, but the virtual reality headset did arrive on doorsteps on Monday. Needless to say, customers are extremely happy with the new futuristic virtual reality device. A user named “Phillymonsterful” reviewed the product at the Oculus (the makers of the Gear VR) site.

“I just had to write a post to say how amazing this device is. I have not been so excited about a product since the first iPod. This device literally takes you into other worlds that you normally wouldn’t enter. Yeah, the resolution needs improvement and there is still some screen door effect. But if I had to go to a deserted island and was given the rule that I could only take one thing, the Gear VR would be it.”

Twitter is also singing the praises of the new Gear VR for the Galaxy S6.

Critics have been mostly kind to the new edition of the Gear VR. However, Gizmodo doesn’t feel you should put down your money on the device just yet.

“No, if you’re going to wait, I’d say the real reason to wait is because we know an even better Gear VR is coming this fall. ‘This is incredibly compelling now, there are lots of awesome experiences, and you can have them today,’ Cohen tells me, when I ask why anybody would jump on board today knowing a better version is right around the corner. He asks me if I’d wait to buy a Tesla with a slightly bigger battery pack, or a new computer with better components if I really want one today.”

According to Darrell Etherington of Tech Crunch, the full consumer version of the Gear VR will be available later this year.

“Oculus’ VP of Product Nate Mitchell told me backstage at Disrupt NY that it is indeed still on track to deliver a consumer Gear VR unit in conjunction with Samsung, timed for later this year.Mitchell confirmed that those plans are still in place, as Oculus CTO John Carmack originally mentioned on stage back in March. He wouldn’t specify which device in particular is receiving the consumer-focused Gear VR, since Samsung clearly doesn’t want any of that spilling out early, but it’s very likely we’ll see it alongside the next Galaxy Note smartphone.”

There are certain Best Buy locations that are showing off the Gear VR to customers. Just be prepared to want to walk out with the Gear VR on the spot.

[Photo Credit: Daryl Deino]