Man Sneezes Out Dart: 40 Years Of A Blocked Nose Not Attributed To ‘Hay Fever,’ Dart To Blame?

A man sneezes out a dart that had been lodged in his nose since the 1970s, and his story is going viral today. According to Mail Online, 51-year-old Steve Easton from Surrey in the U.K. always had a blocked nose, but attributed it to hay fever and other allergies.

He says that he recently found out that his mother took him to the doctor when he was a child because she believed a toy dart had gotten into her son’s nose, but doctors couldn’t find anything at the time.

Now, 44 years later, Mr. Easton’s mother was right. Back in March, the tip of a dart came flying out of his nose during a “sneezing fit.”

“I started a sneezing fit and it came out my left nostril. I thought, ‘What’s this? Where the hell has this come from?’ and pulled out this rubber sucker. I was completely blown away.”

The man who sneezed out the dart may have been shocked at what was partially causing his nasal issues all of these years, but his mother, now 77 years old, says that she was always worried about it.

“He said he’d swallowed it and there was just one of these darts without a tip. I took him to the hospital and they spent a lot of time looking for it, but in the end they said perhaps it was a mistake. I knew it wasn’t and it’s always worried me – and now it’s suddenly shot out. We are all shocked.”

According to People Magazine, Easton is relieved to have the dart removed from his nose, but says that his breathing hasn’t changed any.

“I was completely unaware that it was in my nose for that long. I feel no different now. I wonder if there’s anything else up there.”

It is unknown if the man will go back to his doctor or if they will be able to take a look to see if there is anything else stuck in the man’s nasal cavity that is causing the blockage that won’t seem to go away.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Easton said that there was “no harm done,” but wasn’t clear about what next steps (if any) he planned to take. It is unknown if the dart could have caused any additional blockage to form, or if there is anything else that can be done to help Easton with his breathing issues. It’s also unknown if his problems are actually caused by hay fever/allergies, or if there is something more serious going on.

[Photo via YouTube]