‘Chicago Fire’ Season 4 Spoilers: Casey’s Fate, Dawson’s News, The Hook Up, And More

The final moments of the Chicago Fire Season 3 finale had some big surprises for fans. Those last five minutes have set up the drama for Season 4 of the NBC series, but fans will have a bit of a wait to find out what’s next for the inhabitants of Station 51.

According to TV Line, Chicago Fire Season 4 will return to NBC in November. That might be tough to do with Chicago P.D. returning before that. The last season of the finale had Dawson showing up at Casey’s apartment to deliver some news. However, she found Katia dead on the floor and Casey missing.

Forcing fans to wait until November to find out what happened to Casey would not work. The case he was working on involved the Chicago P.D. cast, and fans will find out Casey’s fate when that series returns this fall.

Matt Olmstead teased about Casey’s fate and the resolution to the story line to TV Line.

“That’s what we’re dealing with now that staggered start. Obviously, both shows exist in the same universe. We’d definitely have to deal with any kind of cliffhangers on the first one up. I think we’re going to have to, unless you drop them into some kind of space-time wrinkle, which is not the preference here on our end. It is a cop story, anyway.”

Olmstead did tease a bit more about Casey’s fate. He revealed that the writing staff is trying to decide which way to go right now. Casey will have either been kidnapped or he will be framed for Katia’s murder. A combination of the two is also possible.

As for Dawson, she did have some big news to tell Casey. It appears that she is pregnant, and this will cause some big issues for her next season. There is no such thing as a pregnant firefighter. She can take a desk job or go back to paramedic, but she would not be allowed to work in the field as a firefighter if she is pregnant with Casey’s baby.

This will cause a huge problem for her. She fought hard to get her spot in Station 51. She will not want to give up that spot easily. Olmstead teased the impact of a pregnancy on Dawson and her career.

“The first thought in her head isn’t, ‘Oh, great. This will bring us back together.’ The first thought is, ‘OK, I’ve got to deal with this. And I’m going to go inform a guy that, obviously, I loved’ – and she loves still in a sense – ‘but we’re not together anymore. So I don’t want him to make any decisions based on an external impetus.’ She’s just too proud. So if there’s a point where she believed that he wants back the relationship on his own terms, I think she’d go for it. But this isn’t Little House on the Prairie where, ‘I’m not going to survive unless there’s a man in the house.’ “

The other big surprise on the finale for Chicago Fire was the hook up between Brett and Roman. It is safe to say many fans did not see that happening before the scene played out. This is a couple that fans will see more of next season.

Roman is the good guy, and Brett is single and wants a good guy. They will have some obstacles next season, though. Olmstead teased a bit about their journey during Chicago Fire Season 4 to the Hollywood Reporter.

“One of them is people getting in their business, which I think both have experienced before. They don’t care for it, but there are two sides to it. One of them is it’s cool that they’re not dating someone within their firehouse or their district, but it’s still a small world. And then, as oftentimes happens in those relationships, when you start caring about somebody, you start worrying about them on their job. She’s a paramedic and he’s a uniform cop, and so they have to deal with that layer of concern in terms of what they do for a living, but we want to play it as a fun relationship. They’re both ready for something like that in their lives. Again, we’ll see how it plays, but we hope that it’s going to play great.”

Olmstead also teased that Season 4 will see the crew of Station 51 deal with getting “knocked out of their comfort zone a little bit.” Fans will see them deal with that. Chicago Fire Season 4 will also see a new candidate come in. That role is being cast now. With Mill’s exit and Dawson moving up to truck, a new person is needed.

The Chicago Fire Season 3 finale did cause some big reactions on Twitter. Fans are definitely excited to see what happens next.


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