TLC Concert: Shaun T Gets ‘Red Light Special’ Lap Dance

Shaun T, creator of the popular “Insanity” workout, apparently had a little fun at a recent TLC concert.

In many of his popular workout videos, Shaun T is seen moving, jumping, and dancing around in addition to the tedious, blood-pumping exercise routines that his workouts are well-known for providing.

However, this video provides Shaun T fans and critics with a slight change of pace. Instead of watching Shaun T exercise while encouraging others to “dig deep,” the 37-year-old fitness trainer got a chance to literally sit in a chair and basically do nothing.

On the contrary, TLC singer Chilli may have gotten a bit of a workout herself by giving Shaun T a lap dance on stage in front of the thousands of people that were in attendance.

The high-selling female singing group is currently on tour with rapper Nelly and New Kids on the Block.

After being escorted on stage by some of the singing duo’s back-up dancers, Shaun T — whose real name is Shaun Thompson — sat down moments before Chilli started to give him a little one-on-one-attention.

To add to the ambiance of the moment, the entire lap dance occurred during one of the most sensual songs in the collection of TLC’s biggest hits — “Red Light Special.”

As a professional dancer and choreographer, Shaun T made sure that he played along during the sensual dance routine, giving the people exactly what they wanted to see before he was escorted back off-stage by the same back-up dancers.

The video footage of the TLC lap dance was posted on Shaun T’s official Facebook page Wednesday with a short and simple caption.

“SOOOO This happened LAST NIGHT! Much love to TLC!! ‪#‎lapdance‬”

Chilli also mentioned the lap dance herself on her official Twitter and Instagram pages, posting a group pic with herself and Shaun T along with his husband Scott Blokker.

Shaun T Chilli TLC

The Shaun T/Chilli lap dance video even made some waves on Twitter.

What do you think about Shaun T’s on-stage moment with Chilli?

[Image Credit: Aliya Faust & Mike That Miller]