‘Arrow’ Finale Spoilers, Renewal News: Big Twists And Turns Ahead As Season 3 Wraps

The Season 3 finale of Arrow airs Wednesday night on the CW, and fans are counting down the hours until it begins. There are said to be major twists and turns, and viewers are quite anxious for some Arrow spoilers. What can everybody expect for the May 13 finale? Is the show returning for Season 4?

Wednesday night’s episode is titled “My Name Is Oliver Queen,” notes TV Guide. Everybody on the canvas will be in danger as Ra’s al Ghul kicks off his final plan to destroy Starling City. This show is known for killer season finales and from the sounds of things, this year is no exception.

TVLine teases Arrow spoilers that as the group awakes from what they think is a gas poisoning, Felicity will exclaim that Oliver tried to kill them all. Malcolm defends Oliver, while Diggle and Laurel are hesitant to believe it’s possible that Oliver wasn’t behind this. It seems they’ll all have to stop and wonder, too, why they are actually still alive.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim teases some Arrow spoilers via Entertainment Weekly. He says that the Season 3 finale is significantly different from the finales in prior seasons. There will be big action, but there are key character development moments as well. Oliver has betrayed his friends, and that will have long-lasting repercussions that carry into the next season.

Arrow spoilers tease that there is a sacrifice ahead for Oliver in this finale that may surprise viewers. It seems he’ll have to take a big risk, but will it pay off? There will be key moments, and lines from Laurel with Paul, as well as from Felicity regarding Nyssa. In addition, Barry Allen is central to just what goes down in Wednesday’s final episode.

Guggenheim sets the stage that “My Name Is Oliver Queen” could serve as a series finale, as it wraps up a lot that has been developing through the first three seasons. Does that mean that Arrow was canceled? Luckily, that is not at all the case.

The CW has renewed Arrow for Season 4. While fans may be left hanging at the end of the Season 3 finale, it seems there is also groundwork laid regarding where things are headed in the new episodes ahead. Cliffhangers that were laid out in the penultimate episode are resolved, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be new problems arising, of course.

Does everybody make it out of Season 3 alive? The answer to that one is a resounding no, as Guggleheim teases Arrow spoilers that there is one death ahead, and it’s not a fake-out. However Wednesday’s finale ends, it seems it will leave fans wondering how there can still be more ahead.

However, Guggleheim reveals via the Hollywood Reporter that things are very twisty through this last episode, and it was a priority to produce a satisfying conclusion for viewers. Fans will see why Oliver has chosen to do what he’s done and he does have a plan for fixing the relationships he’s damaged in the process.

How will Season 3 end, and how does it set the stage for the Arrow and Flash spin-off DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which is coming to the CW this fall? Just how many twists and turns will there be, and will viewers be left satisfied by the Season 3 conclusion? Tune in to the season finale of Arrow airing on May 13 and stay tuned for spoilers about what lies ahead in Season 4 and the spin-off show.

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