May 13, 2015
'Children Can Go To Hell' Says Children's Book Author [Video]

In Luke 18:16, Jesus says, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." A new children's book by C. Matthew McMahon says otherwise. The author has a completely different take on how children should be held responsible. To his credit using the term loosely, he is certainly not afraid to tell it to all of those who will listen.

"And, listen carefully, little children are not too little to go to hell. They are under the sin of Adam's original transgression and they are going there, unless Jesus Christ saves them."
McMahon, along with his company, Puritan Publications, have put together what they are calling "A Young Children's Guide To The Biblical Teaching Of Hell." His book, The Cage, is designed, according to the author, to speak to children as young as 5-years-old. The story is about a young boy trapped in a cage, and one illustration seems to have him dangling over a pit of fire. The description alone is enough to keep any 5-year-old from pulling this one off of the shelf for their bedtime story.
"In this tastefully illustrated work that is completely in rhyme, the Bible's teaching about hell is outlined in a very easy to understand manner. It concerns a young boy who we find is trapped in a cage called 'Big Sin' and can't escape on his own. The cage is suspended by a chain that is rusting and could break at any moment. What will our young friend do? He sees others in cages as well, some who don't escape, and some who jump to safety as their prisons doors are opened by a mysterious key. Will our young friend get out? How will he escape THE CAGE?"
It should be noted that at no point in the trailer of this children's book does the author state any scripture in the Bible that children will, indeed, end up in hell. He only states that one sixth of Jesus teachings is on the subject of hell.
The book first gained notoriety due to a post by the Friendly Atheist, but some atheists -- and believers alike -- for the most part feel this concept of teaching a child is wrong. What is your take on this children's book author? Are we being too hard on him, or do you think he deserves the criticism he is receiving?

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