'CSI: Cyber' Finale Spoilers, Renewal News: Big Cases And Big Changes Ahead As Season 1 Wraps

The Season 1 finale of CSI: Cyber airs Wednesday night on CBS, and it looks like it will be a great night for fans. The network is airing two new episodes on May 13 to finish off the debut season, and everybody is anxious to see how it all wraps up. What CSI: Cyber spoilers are available for Wednesday's finale? Has the show been renewed or canceled for another season?

TV Guide teases that the first episode of the night is titled "Bit by Bit." This one revolves around a robbery at a jewelry store, but lives are lost and the suspects utilize a power outage to cover up their plans. Soon, it will be discovered that the jewels weren't the priority of the robbery suspects, and there will be a lot to sort through to solve the case.

One CSI: Cyber spoiler sneak peek from CBS will surely have fans feeling anxious. Krumitz is seen racing into the house, up to his computer to put something in motion, then down the stairs. He jolts, though, when he sees Avery with his brother. Seconds later, he is standing with the two of them as someone ominously holds them at gunpoint.

The second show of the night is titled "Family Secrets." In this one, CSI: Cyber spoilers detail that both Krumitz and Avery will have confrontations related to their pasts. A sneak peek from CBS shows what seems to kick off the big case for the episode, as it appears that confidential therapy sessions for multiple patients have been hacked and released publicly.

In addition, the team rushes to put a man in custody as they're seemingly looking for Ryan. However, it turns out the man is Avery's ex-husband, and he has no idea what's happening. As it all plays out, Elijah looks as perplexed about the situation as the ex-husband is. The official synopsis teases that Krumitz will be confronting his parents' killer in this episode, and Ryan faces off with the hacker who violated her patients' files when she was practicing psychology.

Though the original show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, had to hang waiting on renewal or cancellation news for a while, CBS knew what they wanted to do with CSI: Cyber. The show has been renewed and Season 2 will begin in the fall.

Now that CBS has canceled CSI, the network reports that Ted Danson will shift over from the original show to the Cyber version to work alongside Patricia Arquette's character of Special Agent Avery Ryan. Given that Danson's character of D.B. Russell already has established ties to Arquette's Avery, the transition should go fairly smoothly for viewers.

However, there are going to be some tweaks and shake-ups. It is said that there will be some creative adjustments made heading into Season 2, and at least one cast member departure. Deadline reports that Peter MacNicol will not be returning.

MacNicol played Assistant Director Stavros Sifter, Ryan's supervisor. Insiders report, however, that Danson's addition wasn't the catalyst for MacNicol's departure. Rather, it was solely a creative decision. At this point, it is believed that the rest of the regular Season 1 cast will be returning.

Tune in to back-to-back episodes of the show, airing the Season 1 finale on Wednesday, May 13, on CBS. Then, stay tuned for CSI: Cyber spoilers as Season 2 comes together for the fall and the show moves to Sunday nights.

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