Do Simon Saran And Farrah Abraham Have Nude Photos Together? Sophia Claims To Have Seen Them [Report]

Simon Saran and Farrah Abraham may have taken some incriminating photos of one another in bed. According to a sneak peek clip of next week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Abraham's young daughter, 6-year-old Sophia, has seen the photos -- and is hoping she will soon have a sibling.

During a Skype session with Abraham's friend, Johnny, as reported by Wetpaint Entertainment on May 13, Sophia enters the room and asks Abraham if Johnny is her boyfriend. After Abraham explained he was nothing more than a friend, Sophia claimed to have seen her mother in bed with a man -- and naked.

"Mommy has a boyfriend and they kissed in bed. Mama was naked."
"Sophia is such a weirdo," Abraham responded, clearly embarrassed by her daughter's shocking announcement about the photos, assumed to be of her and Simon Saran. "I don't even know where she gets this stuff from."

"I saw pictures," Sophia then says.

"I guess she saw a picture because she was being naughty and looking through my phone. Whatever."
Changing the subject quickly, Abraham said all that matters is that Sophia was on board with her mom having a man in her life.

"I can get my baby sister and brother," Sophia said hopefully.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Abraham may not be ready for another child quite yet, but she does have high hopes for her future with Simon Saran. In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine earlier this year, Abraham said her relationship with Simon Saran is healthy and judgement-free.

"I found a pretty awesome person. He's definitely an entrepreneur, a business person and a Christian man and everything that I've ever wanted."
Although Abraham is based in Austin, and Simon Saran lives in San Diego, the reality star said she is very much content with her new man.
"I'm really happy. He is so grown-up, and he doesn't question or act insecure about anything I do. Everything that I've gone through in the last couple of years he's really been okay with."
Prior to Simon Saran, Abraham dated a number of men, including Daniel Alvarez, DJ Brian Dawe, and James Deen, although the latter two both denied having a relationship with the Teen Mom OG star.

For more of what Sophia had to say about the alleged nude photos of Abraham and Simon Saran, check out the MTV video clip below.

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