Teen Who Brutally Raped 91-Year-Old Grandma Told Cops ‘I’m Scum’

Having attacked his own neighbor, a 91-year-old grandma, in her own home, and raped and brutally beaten her, 18-year-old Kriss Strachan turned himself into the cops in Scotland, proclaiming “I’m scum.”

Back in July last year, Strachan forced his way into the victim’s home, in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, repeatedly punching her during the sex attack.

After the suspect’s mother found out what he had done, she told him to turn himself into the cops, which he did, admitting to them, “It was me. I cannot believe I done it. I’m scum.”

As a result of the frenzied and vicious attack, the victim has been left traumatized, telling relatives daily that she “wants to die.”

The High Court in Edinburgh today swiftly sentenced Strachan to a 19-year sentence, with at least 12 of those years being spent behind bars.

The court heard that after a long night of drinking, Strachan knocked on the pensioner’s door at 7 a.m. saying he “wanted sex.” When she tried to fight Strachan off, he became violent, put his hands round her neck and punched her face and body.

Following the attack, the woman managed to get herself to another neighbor’s house, where she told them, “I have been attacked, he had sex with me.”

As a result of the incident, Strachan’s mother kicked him out of the family home and has had no contact whatsoever with him since last July.

The victim’s daughter said the following in a statement.

“This crime has completely destroyed my mum who up until that day lived on her own, did her own housework, shopping, socialising and enjoyed her own independence. Now she is totally dependent on me and talks every day about how she wishes she was dead. My mum had lived in her home since 1968, and at the age of 90 has been forced out of her home and away from her friends and people she knew. Now she stays with my family, far away from her home, where she knows nobody and spends most days on her own while we are at work.”

At sentencing, judge Lord Boyd said it was clear that Strachan still posed a “significant risk to the public, and in particular elderly women,” adding, ‘The consequences are truly appalling. I can only hope that one day you might begin to understand the full gravity of what you have done — the pain, suffering and humiliation you inflicted on this lady.”

[Image credit: sechaber.com.tr]