Starlene Roth: Wife Loses It Over Ill Husband Neglecting Chores — Her Solution Lands Her In Jail

Starlene Roth and her husband Greg have been married for more than 30 years, but whatever went on in their marriage in the past, it’s pretty clear that they’ve been having some serious issues lately. Because when Starlene got angry at Greg for supposedly not doing his chores around the house, she took measures that have to be considered extreme, even by the standards of the most frustrated wife.

In fact, what she did when she got angry at Greg last Saturday, a day after Greg came home from the hospital after a treatment for his chronic hepatitis, ended up with Starlene in the slammer held on $250,000 bail.

While the whole incident seems bizarre, it actually could have had tragic results and shows that men can be victims of domestic violence as well as women. It also shows the risks of keeping guns in the house.

The incident took place in Marysville, Washington, a city of about 70,000, approximately 35 miles outside of Seattle. According to the husband’s account as told to police and reported in the local media there, Greg had returned from his hospital stay only to find his wife boiling mad because “he hadn’t been able to do anything around the house.” (The above picture is a stock photo, not Starlene Roth.)

She was more than just a little upset, apparently. Greg Roth, 55, told police that Starlene, 54, just started breaking things — starting with a glass flower vase. She threw the vase into the backyard where it smashed into pieces.

Greg dutifully went outside and cleaned up the broken glass, he said, and then tried to relax by cooking up some barbecue.

Unfortunately, that plan was aborted when Starlene stormed outside and tipped over the whole barbecue grill. Greg picked the grill back up and set it right — and she upended it again.

But Starlene Roth was far from over her destructive tantrum. She went back inside, planted herself on the couch, and picked up the TV remote. But instead of using it to watch TV and take her mind off things, she smashed the remote on the floor.

Greg Roth then went inside and sat down on a loveseat, only to have his wife emerge from their bedroom with a 9mm Glock pistol and order him to “get the f*** out of the house.”

Then she pulled the trigger.

Fortunately, she missed. Police later found the bullet lodged in a door jamb. But Greg Roth did, in fact, get out of the house at that point.

“I didn’t want to wait for the second shot,” Greg Roth told police, so he called 911.

The incident came a few months after an incident in North Carolina in which a wife shot her husband through a door when he came home early to surprise her with a romantic breakfast, as reported by the Inquisitr at this link.

Starlene Roth told police she was sorry and that even though she pointed the gun at her husband’s chest, she never intended to shoot him. But a judge decided to hold her in custody pending bail, on suspicion of attempted second-degree murder.

[Stock Image: Nomad Soul/Shutterstock]