‘The Multiplication Process Has Begun’ According To Michelle Duggar, But How Many Duggars Will There Be?

With the birth of a new Duggar grandbaby and two more on the way, Michelle Duggar has said that “the multiplication process has begun.” Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar will soon be the grandparents to six grandchildren after Jessa Seewald and Anna Duggar welcome their new additions to the family. It is true that the Duggar family is expanding at a rapid rate? And with a new courtship between Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson and three of the Duggar children already married off and reproducing, there is no reason to believe that the Duggar line will be ending anytime soon. What exactly could the family tree look like for the Duggars if their children follow in their footsteps? The results may surprise you.

Jim Bob recently told the US Weekly that he had four grandkids and counting before noting “going on 200.”

“Yeah, so…four grandkids and counting…….going on 200!”

Though the statement may seem lofty, the Duggar Family Blog notes that Jim Bob Duggar was likely underestimating the amount of future heirs he may have. The blog does a little math to determine exactly how many Duggars there may be in the next few generations, and the numbers are rather startling.

It was noted that if each of the Duggar children had 10 kids of their own, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar would have 190 grandchildren. If the process continued, the results increase exponentially and we could end up with more Jim Bob Duggar descendants than that of the entire population of Nevada! If each child had 10 children the numbers would be as follows:

  • 190 grandchildren
  • 1,900 great grandchildren
  • 19,000 great-great grandchildren
  • 190,000 great-great-great grandchildren
  • 1,900,000 great-great-great-great grandchildren (That is more than the current population of Nevada.)

What if each child followed in their parents’ footsteps and had 19 kids of their own? That would leave the pair with 361 grandchildren and more descendants than the entire current population of California in just a few generations.

  • 361 grandchildren
  • 6,859 great grandchildren
  • 130,321 great-great grandchildren
  • 2,476,099 great-great-great grandchildren
  • 47,045,881 great-great-great-great grandchildren (That is almost 10,000,000 more than the current population of California.)

Though there will probably be some in the family that either cannot have children or choose not to follow in Jim Bob and Michelle’s footsteps, a long ling of Duggars for generations to come seems very likely if you look at the simple math. Jessa Seewald, the most recently married Duggar, is currently pregnant with her first child. However, she has expressed a strong desire to adopt children in addition to having biological children of her own. If more Duggar children decide to adopt, Michelle and Jim Bob could see an even greater growth in their family than expected.

What do you think about these numbers?

[Image Credit: Facebook]