MTV Set Up? Maci Bookout Calls Out Network After On-Camera Feud With Farrah Abraham

Did an MTV set up take place during Monday’s new episode of Teen Mom OG? Cast member Maci Bookout thinks so — and she doesn’t appreciate it. As the episode aired, Bookout was on Twitter, where she shared a post speaking of the MTV set up.

“Not really liking how MTV basically set Maci up, shes pregnant and that was stress she didnt need! Wow is all I can say!”

In response to the MTV set up allegation, which was originally suggested by a woman named Kira Banks, Bookout wrote, “Yuppp!”

A few moments later, Bookout spoke on Twitter again, suggesting the MTV set up may have been the second time the network conned her into doing something she didn’t want to do.

“lol #MTV asking way too much from a pregnant girl. #foolmeonce.”

After the MTV set up episode aired, Bookout spoke to the network in a Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment, claiming she hoped their meeting would have gone better than it did. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bookout had high hopes for the MTV set up, but quickly grew disappointed with Abraham’s behavior.

“I wanted to sit down and talk with Farrah because I wanted her to know that my intentions were never to hurt her feelings or for her to feel like I was judging her. I also wanted her to know that, you know her feelings of being hurt, being left out, are normal.”

Abraham was initially left out of the Teen Mom OG cast, but weeks into filming, producers decided it was best to feature all four girls and called Abraham to bring her back to the show. Right away, Abraham was defensive and felt angered over the network’s snub.

“It’s difficult for me to sympathize with her and want to explain myself when I don’t feel like she’s hearing me. She can be a bit disrespectful and it’s hard for me to sit back and want to make her feel better when she’s talking to me like I’m a piece of s—.”

Bookout didn’t address the MTV set up directly during her chat with the network, at least not in those exact words, but on Twitter, many fans seemingly agreed that the MTV set up should have never taken place. After all, Bookout is several months pregnant and shouldn’t be forced to deal with emotional strain when there is no real need for it.

[Photo via Twitter]