‘Nashville’ Finale Spoilers, Renewal News: What Lies Ahead As Season 3 Ends?

The Season 3 finale of Nashville is airing Wednesday night on ABC and it is shaping up to be a wild episode. There are big things to come from Juliette and Avery while Deacon is fighting for his life. What Nashville spoilers are available for the May 13 show? Has ABC renewed the show for Season 4 or canceled it?

As People shares, Deacon is headed into surgery, but he’s convinced himself that things won’t end well. His sister Beverly is donating her liver to him, and Rayna is right by his side. As the Nashville spoiler sneak peek shows, though, Deacon is panicked that he won’t make it out of the surgery.

Deacon will hurriedly propose to Rayna, wanting them to find a chaplain who can marry them before he goes into surgery. Rayna is the voice of calm and reason, though, saying that she has dreams of them growing old together. She says she knows he is having dreams of not getting through the surgery, but she is remaining confident.

Juliette thinks she has things all figured out going into this Season 3 finale, but a Nashville spoiler clip on the show’s Facebook page indicates things don’t go as she wants. She has her new album all ready to go, but when Rayna pulls things back a notch, Juliette explodes.

When Rayna indicates that she wants to talk to Juliette about the direction she’s headed, Juliette becomes furious. She’s angry at Rayna, Glenn, Avery, and everybody else, and she snatches up her project and walks out the door.

ABC has also teased via Nashville spoiler sneak peeks that there’s a big blowout between Juliette and Avery where she’s throwing things and he says the baby isn’t safe with her. Is that why she’s so anxious to get out on tour?

That may be the case, but fans will have to tune in to see how it all comes together. Most would imagine that Avery’s big decision has to do with protecting the couple’s daughter as Juliette struggles with what may well be postpartum depression.

The previews also show Deacon flatlining and a doctor heading into the waiting room to talk to Rayna. Things are looking dire, but would they really kill off Deacon? Could it be that Charles Esten is leaving Nashville?

From the sounds of things, fans will want to have their tissues handy. The show writers have been teasing fans via Twitter that there will be a lot of tears ahead, which does not sound like good news.

Things may end with a big cliffhanger Wednesday night, many are guessing, but viewers won’t be left hanging for good. ABC has renewed Nashville for Season 4, so the show will be back in the fall.

As E! Online shares, things had been seeming a bit dicey in terms of a renewal or cancellation, so the Season 4 news comes as quite a relief. However, little has been revealed at this point about just who will be back on the show, and Deacon’s future is definitely under wraps for now.

Will the show really kill off Deacon? Most would say they don’t think so, but the season may well end with it looking that way. Tune in to the Season 3 finale of Nashville airing Wednesday, May 13 on ABC, then stay tuned for spoilers about Season 4 as they become available.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]