What Dog Fighters Did To This Poor Whippet Will Infuriate You

Dog fighters had their fun with this poor dog, a part of the Whippet breed, and decided to get rid of him in one of the worst ways possible.

At first, police and passers-by assumed that the dog had been struck by a car. His leg was broken and there were serious lacerations on his body.

It wasn’t until one horrified couple assisted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) to a veterinarian that the truth was discovered.

The injuries, the vet said, were consistent not with a dog being struck by a car, but by the dog being tossed from it at no less than 50 miles per hour. There were also telltale bite marks on the dog’s torso.

Apparently, the dog fighters — still at larg,e by the way — had been using the Whippet as a “bait dog” in a dog fighting ring. When they felt he’d had enough, they threw him out like a piece of roadside litter.

Fortunately, the couple that assisted the RSPCA fell in love with the animal on the way to vet, noting that “all he wanted was kisses and love.” When he arrived at the vet, he was placed on an IV drip.

They knew that if the dog made it, there was no way they could ever allow the 4-year-old animal to be alone or abused again.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, their names are Lucy Edwards and Graham Houghton, and they have decided to adopt the animal.

They also started a GoFundMe to help save the dog’s leg, which RSPCA officials initially believed would have to come off.

The couple was looking to raise around £2,000 for the operation, the U.S. equivalent of $3,147.54 based on May 2015 exchange rates.

As of May 13, they have raised approximately $5,000 U.S., more than enough to fund the operation and get their new Whippet in a cast (pictured above).

While dog fighters are an unfortunate reality, it’s also nice to see people like Edwards and Houghton, who penned this thank-you message to contributors.

“I am utterly speechless at the moment and those that know me know that’s a rare thing. You have all shown such kindness and generosity. From the bottom of our hearts we all thank you so much. You are amazing, each and every one of you.”

“Chance is doing very well at the moment. He is becoming stronger with each passing day. He met a lovely lab on the weekend. We had tails wagging and no fear at all yay. It is little steps like this that have shown Chance’s strength. He has become somewhat of a local celebrity after appearing in the local newspaper. Which is amazing. I will continue to update with news on Chance as I know he has captured so many hearts.”

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[Image via Chance’s GoFundMe Page]