Arizona Woman Allegedly Faked Cancer To Get Free Late-Term Abortion, But That Is Just The Beginning

Tara West

An Arizona woman allegedly wanted her late-term abortion to be covered by the state and went to great lengths to ensure it happened despite the procedure being entirely elective. Chalice Zeitner is reported to have claimed she had cancer and provided forged doctor's notes to her OB in order to have the abortion fees covered by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. However, the doctor became leery of Zeitner's previous claims of cancer when she returned to the clinic one year later, this time not to terminate a pregnancy but to deliver her full-term baby.

ABC 15 reports that 29-year-old Chalice Zeitner went to her OB seeking a late-term abortion. According to ABC 15, Zeitner told the OB that she had been diagnosed with cancer and terminating the pregnancy was medically necessary as she needed to resume cancer treatments immediately. She allegedly told the OB that she had tumors in her abdomen and lower spinal area that needed to be surgically removed. It was also alleged that Zeitner presented a doctor's note verifying the claims, and the abortion was done in at a Phoenix hospital. With the doctor's note and claims of cancer, the abortion was considered medically-necessary and was paid for by taxpayers.

However, one year later, the OB says that Zeitner showed back up at her office, this time to deliver a full-term baby. According to the Daily Mail, the doctor immediately became suspicious of Zeitner's previous claims of cancer as the woman showed no signs of the surgeries she claimed she so desperately needed just a year ago. Therefore, the OB called the doctor listed on the doctor's note that Zeitner had given her the year before. Her fears were confirmed. Zeitner did not have cancer and was never treated by the doctor. In fact, the doctor said he had never seen Zeitner before.

Zeitner was arrested on counts of fraud, theft and forgery, and her photo was plastered all over local media outlets. That is when the police discovered that Calice Zeitner was a pro at scamming not just the state, but also members of the public. Zeitner not only faked cancer to have her late-term abortion covered by the state, she also had numerous aliases and was pretending to be a military sergeant.

More startling is the fact that in the days leading up to her arrest, Zeitner was in the works to become one woman's surrogate. Angela Aduri claims that when she saw Zeitner's photo on the news, she was taken aback as that was the woman who was supposed to have her embryo implanted in just two days.

"It's just a total disbelief. We met her a couple of times in person. We checked all of her information out that she provided with her Georgia driver's license, medical insurance, name and address, her references, everything was cleared and verified."

[Image Credit: Arizona Attorney General]