Craig Conover Infuriated Everyone, Says Cameran Eubanks On ‘Southern Charm’

Southern Charm star Craig Conover was fired from his job on last week’s episode and he has been going through a stressful period. Conover has been drinking and partying several times a week, he was fired from his job, and he didn’t feel comfortable telling his parents about his situation. And this bad attitude was brought on the cast trip where he blamed everyone for his problems.

Last season, Craig Conover didn’t bring any drama, but he appears to be all about the drama this season. Not only is he challenging his co-star, Whitney Smith, but he is also getting very close to Kathryn Calhoun who is currently parenting her daughter, Kensington. Now, Cameran Eubanks is sharing her thoughts about Craig’s behavior and it isn’t pretty.

According to a new Bravo report, Southern Charm star Craig Conover was infuriating many of his co-stars on the trip. Clearly, Conover isn’t taking responsibility for his actions, he isn’t studying for his bar exam, and he isn’t taking his career seriously.

“We were all fed up with Craig. He was headed down a dark path, and nobody could get through to him. I know Shep cares a lot about Craig deep down, but sometimes men can be amateurish at properly expressing their feelings,” Cameran Eubanks revealed about the dramatic trip, adding, “I went to bed because 10pm is my normal bedtime, and if I wanted to watch white people fight, I could just turn on Jerry Springer from the comfort of my own bed.”

Things got out of hand when Whitney decided to speak about Kathryn behind her back. But he spoke about her to everyone else, who were actually her friends. Craig Conover decided to defend Calhoun, and the two ended up leaving in the middle of the night. Rumors quickly surfaced that they had hooked up on the beach, and the next morning, everyone was talking about it.

According to the Inquisitr, Craig Conover defended her, saying that nothing happened. And Cameran believes her friend, as he claims that they were just hanging out and talking. And it sounds like Calhoun is trying to find her individuality. She has been spending more time on fashion, and she briefly split from Thomas Ravenel. It is uncertain whether they will end up together, but many are hoping that Craig Conover and Kathryn will hook up again.

What do you think of Craig Conover’s behavior?

[Image via Bravo]