WWE News: WWE Elimination Chamber Special To Be Carried On Pay-Per-View?

WWE officials decided to bring back a personal favorite for WWE fans at the blink of an eye. Despite Stephanie McMahon’s announcement regarding the dismissal of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, WWE decision-makers are bringing it back. On May 31, WWE will bring back the Elimination Chamber on the WWE Network.

It will take place just nine days after WWE NXT Takeover: Unstoppable on May 22. In an update on the Inquisitr to the newly-added show, the matches at the program do have relevance to the WWE Universe. The WWE announced that the Intercontinental championship would be decided in the chamber. Also, the WWE Tag-Team championship will also be decided in the cage.

Within a few days of announcing the comeback of the event, WWE officials already scheduled two blockbuster matches, with the tag-team bout being very unique. Now, if a WWE fan doesn’t have the WWE Network, there shouldn’t be a way to watch the program. That problem is now rectified.

According to E-Wrestling News and Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is planning on having the Elimination Chamber program on pay-per-view, as well as the WWE Network.

“Also, Alvarez mentioned that he’s heard that WWE has made a deal with the pay-per-view providers that still carries their PPV events. If this is the case then that would mean that the show will not be aWWE Network exclusive, but rather on PPV and the WWE Network.”

The report also mentions Bryan Alvarez. Figure-Four Weekly contributor said that there is a lot of confusion going on backstage surrounding the Elimination Chamber show. That includes what matches will be inside the chamber and if the pay-per-view outlets want to air it on that venue.

Now, despite all the excitement of the return of the Elimination Chamber, negatives are taking place. For example, WrestleZone is reporting that the WWE cancelled a house show in Greenville, South Carolina in favor of the Elimination Chamber. The WWE wants all of their talents to be available for that night. Luckily for natives of Greenville, the WWE rescheduled that live event for later in November of this year.

Even though the announcement from WWE came as a surprise, the WWE Network will gain a lot of viewers that night. Especially with the WWE NXT show coming just over a week before it, the free month of the WWE Network will help the WWE get more marketable in that sense. Vince McMahon announced earlier in the month that May would be free for new subscribers. As it turns out, that wasn’t a bad idea.

[Image via insidepulse.com]