Ashley Biden allegedly caught on camera doing Cocaine

Ashley Biden, the daughter of Vice President Joe Biden is the center of a scandal after a video emerged that allegedly shows her snorting cocaine this year.

The video has been viewed by several news agencies, and is being shopped for $250,000. The video starts with a man cutting up five lines cocaine, then handing over a rolled-up dollar bill to the woman (Biden) who then snorts the cocaine. It’s claimed that the video was shot at a party, and the camera was hidden.

RadarOnline, who broke the story haven’t 100% confirmed that it was Ashley Biden, but claims that “the woman looks identical to Ashley Biden.”

Ashley Biden is a social worker employed by the Delaware Department of Children, Youth and Families, and in 2008 was named a Person to Watch by Delaware Today. There’s no official word yet from The White House or the Vice President.