Great Granny, 102, Loses False Teeth While Blowing Out Birthday Candles [Viral Video]

A great grandmother lost her false teeth on Mother's Day while blowing out the candles on her 102nd birthday cake, and the video of the hilarious event subsequently went viral.

Louise Bonito was celebrating her belated April 26th birthday with her family at her New Haven Connecticut home when her dentures popped out of her mouth and landed on the table in front of her. The birthday celebration had been postponed until all the family members were in town for Mother's Day.

Granddaughter Lisa Addario uploaded the cellphone video to Instagram and from there it reached YouTube and other social media sites. See embedded footage below.

Said Addario said, "We were just singing 'happy birthday' and we were all gathered around. She blew out the candles and her teeth just flew out!" She added that the family was still laughing for an hour after it happened, and that her grandmother admitted later she just didn't feel like using denture glue that day.

Louise herself gave this description of what happened, which the she seemed to enjoy as much as her loved ones in the room.

"I was sitting down and my daughter brought in a cake with a 1-0-2 on it. She said, 'OK mom, you have to blow out the candles.' I took a deep, deep, breath and with all my might I blew out the candles and then my teeth came out. Well my grandchildren went crazy laughing, and laughing."
The birthday girl has five children, 12 grandchildren, and 18 great grandchildren. She said that she was happy that she provided her family with a good laugh and added that she feels blessed having the love of a close family. "There's so many problems in this life and I'm so glad that with this there can be laughter."

Louise's longevity recommendation is to eat "all good food, fresh food" and avoid anything out of a can.

Watch what happens when Louise Bonito, 102, blows out her birthday candles to the delight of her family.

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[image via YouTube]