Shooting In Tucson Home May Have Been Murder-Suicide — No Young Children Found Among Dead [UPDATE]


The Associated Press has reported that Christopher Carrillo, 25, was responsible for the deaths of four of his relatives Tuesday night before killing himself. His family have also been identified – 58-year-old Raul Carillo, 53-year-old Karen Saari, 32-year-old Erik Carrillo and 17-year-old Isela Rodriguez.

A neighbor, Lupita Garcia, said her grandson dated Isela, and called her a “good young lady who was kind and pleasant.”

“I’ve never had a pain like this,” she said.

On Tuesday night just before 6 p.m., a man arrived at a home on the south side of Tucson, Arizona to meet with a friend. He peeked through the window and found evidence of a violent shooting.

The man apparently saw at least one person who appeared to have been shot. He called 911 and police arrived to find a scene of horror inside, the Arizona Daily Star reported.

In total, five people were found dead inside. All had suffered gunshot wounds and were in different areas of the one-story Tucson home, the Associated Press reported. The victims are male and female, but their ages haven’t been determined and it’s not yet known if the deceased are related, according to Tuscon News Now.

The shooting likely occurred sometime Tuesday.

Tuscon authorities initially dubbed the tragic scene a murder-suicide, but the chief has backed off of that statement, noting that it’s too early in the investigation to make the call.

However, the AP added that investigators aren’t actively searching for suspects in the shooting, a fact that seems to support the theory.


Thankfully, no young children were discovered among the dead.

In an eerie twist, police noted that they’d be called to this particular address before, but they declined to provide further details to the media. Officials also didn’t comment on whether any weapons were located.

Now, officers have the morbid task of identifying these five people. Tucson Chief Roberto Villaseñor said homicide detectives are starting their investigation into the shooting and plan to be “very methodical” as they begin piecing together what happened at the home.

“They’ll go in and do a walkthrough of the residence just to get an overall picture of what they have and then they’ll grid off the house and do it section by section to make sure they’re recovering anything evidentiary of value. Obviously photographing and videoing the house to determine where everything is later on when they have to reconstruct.”

Further details were not available.

[Photo Courtesy Morgan Kyrklund Twitter]