The Next Samsung Watch Will Have A Rotating Bezel

Samsung is currently working on a new Samsung Watch. Referred to as the Next Gear in Samsung’s developer notes, it is being designed to offer serious competition to Apple alternatives. Although details are sketchy, the company, according to Engadget has provided development tools for the new Samsung Watch to a few early adopters. Apparently the Samsung Watch won’t utilize Android wear.

According to The Verge, the developer materials provided indicate that the Samsung Watch will have numerous sensors such as a pressure sensor, heartbeat monitor, gyroscope and accelerometer.

However, among the Samsung Watch features is one similar to that usually donned by the Apple Watch, and it is a rotating bezel, which will work in the same way as the Digital Crown on the Apple device.

The crown has for a long time been used to wind a watch or set the time on conventional watches, but on the Apple Watch, it is a tool that is instrumental in zooming in and out of content as the pinching mechanism will simply be too cumbersome on such a small face.

Apparently, the rotating bezel on the Samsung Watch will have the same function as the Digital Crown on the rival watch.

This is bound to be a welcome addition for Samsung Watch fans, as the endless tapping can sometimes prove to be a nuisance. The scrolling gestures on the current Samsung Watch, which entail moving your wrist, can also at times be a bit of a bother for some.

The new Samsung watch will also feature a 1.18 inch 360 by 360 display. According to Phone Arena, the company has been working on a round-faced Samsung Watch for a while now and could unveil it in September.

Samsung has already released the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the next Samsung Watch, and it is currently available for download. The SDK will be instrumental in ensuring that developers create enough Samsung Watch applications for the platform.

With current OS trends being determined by the number of applications a device can access, it will be an interesting venture. The original Galaxy Gear’s software development was only offered to select partners, but the Tizen OS, which will feature on the new Samsung Watch is available to all. It is written in HTML5 and Javascript, which will also enable web coders to partake in the software development.

The next Samsung Watch UI suggests that it will only have 2G connectivity. Currently code-named Orbis, rumors suggest that next Samsung Watch may be called the Gear A, which is the Samsung line that makes use of the Tizen OS.

There is also speculation that the company is planning on releasing two versions of the Samsung Watch, one of which will have more advanced features such as the 3G connectivity, a rotating dial, GPS capability and wireless charging.

Samsung has also faced claims of plagiarism from Apple in the past and whether this will be deemed as another case remains to be seen.

[David Becker/Getty Images]