Charlize Theron Unveils Alter-Ego ‘Bonanza’ On ‘The Tonight Show’ [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is quickly becoming a place not just for celebrities, like Charlize Theron, to spill the beans or promote their films, but to look like total idiots.

And this is a very good thing. Surely, celebrity publicists recognize that going on national TV to make a fool of yourself makes famous actors and actresses more approachable.

The Tonight Show‘s hilarious games and stunts, such as the game of dress-up Charlize and Jimmy played this week – humanizes people who are otherwise too beautiful and talented to relate to.

So when Theron, a perfectly serious and talented actress, promoted her latest film Mad Max Monday night, she wasn’t as expertly put together with perfect makeup and hair and designer clothes.
Instead, Fallon dressed her up. And it was hard to see the star underneath all the metallic color, pointy shoulder pads and frizzy hair.

Her ensemble included a blazer, gold harem pants, platform sneakers, mini top hat and serious bling, Star Pulse recounted. He even christened the actress with a new name – “Bonanza.”

But the silliness went both ways – she dressed the Tonight Show host as well, and her costume was decidedly more unsettling and androgynous: Elton John sunglasses, a bowl cut wig, pink pantsuit, fur vest and cheetah-print shoes with dice in the transparent heel.

His alter-ego: “Rosetta McLintock”

He then proceeded to interview Theron’s character and, ever the professional, she had a difficult time keeping a straight face. And keeping her frizzy wig out of her face.

Towards the end of the silly interview, he told the audience that Bonanza actually played bass guitar with Prince and asked Charlize to play a few licks with The Roots, the New York Daily News added.

Before she walked over, she giggled that her gold harem pants had stuck to her skin with sweat. And she almost knocked her very fetching top hat when she slipped on a bass guitar she clearly didn’t know how to hold.

The proceeding tune wasn’t exactly impressive – perhaps maybe even a bit uncomfortable and awkward. There was a lot more strange dance moves than music.

But the usually stunning celeb was a good sport nonetheless, and her willingness to be a total idiot on TV surely earned her some more fans.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]