Watch Justin Bieber Play Drums On ‘The Late Late Show’ And Completely Nail It

Justin Bieber gets around. Last night, the Canadian swung by The Late Late Show and surprised audiences in the studio and elsewhere when he played drums with the house band.

And guess what? He nailed it. Which isn’t at all weird, given that he became a drummer during childhood.

The Biebs wasn’t seen until the end credits of the James Corden-hosted Tuesday edition, and it’s likely his appearance was to help mutual manager Scooter Braun plug Tori Kelly’s debut album, Unbreakable Smile. The songstress was a guest on the CBS show.

Right before the heartthrob got his chance to bash around with bandleader-comic Reggie Watts and the band, Kelly performed an acoustic version of her single “Nobody Love.” She also chatted to the Brit host about her career and connection with Justin, but managed not to let it slip that he was about to hit the boards.

Then, the Biebs was up. Corden asked The Late Late Show band to play the proceedings out. Watts kicked off a jazz number (which was actually fun), and it wasn’t long before the camera’s focus moved to Justin tearing a strip off the drum set.

Justin Bieber fans will no doubt recall the last significant moment when the “Where Are U Now” singer played the drums.

Thanks to his Calvin Klein campaign, the image of the tatted star playing drums while co-star model Lara Stone lost her mind is forever immortalized in black and white.

Oh, and Saturday Night Live had a go too.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber playing drums in a surprise appearance on 'The Late Late Show,' May 12)

Justin was silent as he acquitted himself on the drums. He looked completely relaxed at all times, despite the fact that millions (what is The Late Late Show’s viewership?) had likely watched him while peering at screens and asking, “Isn’t that Justin Bieber?” At the end, he stood up and gave a sweet bow.

Pictures of the Biebs at the show mingling with the audience, presumably after his surprise spot, reveal he met veteran actress Susan Sarandon and took a selfies with fans.

THANK YOU SO MUCH @justinbieber!!!!!!!!

— CJ (@cedricjoshuaa) May 13, 2015

The 21-year-old is coming off the back of three months of public apologies for previous missteps and a now longish stretch of good behavior.

In a recent interview with Seventeen magazine, Justin admitted, “I was rebelling a little bit,” adding, “I was getting cockier and cockier. I didn’t have people to check me. I looked back and I was disappointed in myself.”

Post-drums cameo, the singer tweeted Corden, writing, “@JKCorden good times buddy.”

To which, the host replied, “Dude, GREAT times. Loved it.” Reweets followed Wednesday morning.

Wonder where Justin will pop up next?

[Image via CBS The Late Late Show]