Kristen Doute Blames Tom Sandoval For Breakup: ‘His Ego Took Complete Hold Of Our Relationship’

Kristen Doute got some interesting labels last season on Vanderpump Rules. Doute was so determined to make her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, look like a liar that she completely disregarded James Kennedy, who truly loved her and wanted to make her happy. Kristen was furious that Tom could simply move on with Ariana, and throughout the season, it was clear that Doute still had feelings for her ex.

These days, Kristen Doute appears to be over Tom as she has moved on with James Kennedy. But one can imagine that Kristen will be returning to Vanderpump Rules next season to cause some troubles for her former fling. And based on a new interview, Doute can’t show maturity when talking about her ex. Maybe she really isn’t over him after all.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Doute recently sat down with Patti Stanger on her podcast, The Love & Sex Report. Here, Doute was faced with some tough questions in regards to her past relationship. But shockingly, Kristen says that she barely remembers those six years they spent together.

“I mean, it’s a really long time ago and it’s kind of even hard to remember what it was like to be with him,” Kristen Doute revealed about Tom, adding, “So, I guess, when we were together, before his ego took complete hold of our relationship, I would say that, you know, he’s very charming and he can be funny.”

Kristen Doute wants everyone to think that Tom was responsible for them breaking up, when Doute clearly cheated on him twice with Jax Taylor. These days, Kristen is admitting that she cheated, but she does blame Tom.

“I was very codependent on him,” Kristen explains, adding, “Even obviously with Tom I thought he was my first ‘first healthy relationship,’ and clearly I was really wrong about that. But I hadn’t really had a very healthy, independent relationship and we started dating when I was 24.”

Hopefully, her newest relationship is much better. James appears to be head-over-heels in love with her, and Doute still seems a bit hung up on her former relationship. But when the cameras aren’t around, things seem great between her and Kennedy. They recently teamed up to do an underwear campaign together. And according to the Inquisitr, Kristen may be back at SUR to visit James during this upcoming season.

What do you think of Kristen Doute’s comments about Tom?

[Image via Bravo]