Mansion Collapses Into Lake Whitney: Condemned Site In Texas Loses, Overcome By Storms

Many feared it would come; after all, the burned Texas site was condemned a year ago. And thanks to Mother Nature, a cliff that once supported a mansion collapsed into Lake Whitney over the weekend, according to a KXXV News 5 report.

All that’s left from the site of a burned mansion is a huge void. Officials say a cliff that hung by a thread for months finally collapsed under its own weight into the lake on Sunday after storms tore through the Dallas area.

Two massive chunks of limestone fell about 75-feet into the vast lake after the landslide. According to Tom Hemrick, Hill County emergency management coordinator, the event took place in the late evening to early night hours, between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

“It was in the middle of a major storm and nobody was on the lake. I think it’s the best-case scenario. We figured it was going to (happen) just as soon as we got enough water to make it fall.”

Hemrick said the rain-soaked cliff that held the mansion collapsed into the lake when no boaters and swimmers were nearby. Had the scenario been one involving good weather, matters could have been worse.

The collapsed mansion site has been the focus of a debate for many months. It all began when a fissure was located underneath the home of previous owners. They were forced to abandon the 4,000-square-foot home last year when evidence showed the crack was getting larger.

And at their expense, the home was burned and the debris removed. All that remained was a pad, which proved to be no match for the 6-inches of rainfall dumped on the area.

At its longest, the crack measured some 150-feet in length. Then, last March, the US Army Corps of Engineers discovered that it had widened by 6-feet.

Before the controlled-burn took place, video footage showed the home dangling off the cliff. The ominous scene resembled something out of a horror flick.

All that remains now are a few neighboring homes that may be under threat. After the mansion’s site collapsed into the Texas lake, one home inched closer to the overview. Authorities are taking part in a resolution to save the home and others in the hazard area. However, any plan or intervention will take place at the expense of the community’s homeowners.

[Photo via Wikimedia Commons]