High School Craigslist Ad Claims Seniors Need Student Loans Cash

Want to buy a high school? Craigslist recently listed the entire building for Arkansas High School in Kansas for sale. Of course, it was a clever prank by seniors, but unfortunately, student loan debt is no joking matter.

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So, exactly how much money was Arkansas high school’s craigslist ad? The seniors for the class of 2015 were trying to be clever since they listed it for the rock bottom price of $2,015.

“All of us seniors are heading off to college and we do not need this school anymore. We all need the cash to pay off loans and everything else we need in college,” the pranksters wrote. “This school offers a lot of space for parking or even your cattle! Who knows if you buy this school and attend it you might actually learn something. This year’s seniors were the only thing keeping this school together and working.

This may be a joke, but with today’s college costs, $2,015 won’t even come close to cutting it. Student loan debt in the United States has ballooned to over $1.2 trillion, and many newly graduated students are defaulting on these loans.

According to Forbes, the overall consumer price index has risen 115 percent since 1985, while the college education inflation rate has risen nearly 500 percent. But, unlike credit card debt, student debt is not forgivable in bankruptcy. Because student loans cannot be written off through bankruptcy, millennials are being buried by debt and cannot afford to buy cars, mortgage a house, invest in the stock markets, or begin to save for retirement.

So, even if the high school craigslist ad is a joke, it is a bitter one. Fortunately, Kansas education spokeswoman Alisha Call is giving students credit for the cleverness of the stunt.

“We certainly understand that seniors are winding down and having a good time and that was clever, but the school is not for sale. We just wanted to clarify,” she said.

None of the seniors are being punished for their high school craigslist ad. It apparently did not work anyway, since no one actually tried to call Arkansas High School in Kansas about purchasing the building.

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