Saraia Collins: 9-Year-Old Girl Beaten On School Bus In Maryland

A 9-year-old Maryland girl was beaten on a school bus because she refused to fight. The brutal attack on Saraia Collins was captured on video. The 9-year-old girl is shown crying and begging for help, which never came. The Collins family is demanding to know why the attack on Saraia was permitted to continue, and nothing was done to stop the beating.

Saraia Collins was beaten as the Prince George County school bus driver continued along the route, according to the parents of the 9-year-old Landover, Maryland girl.

“Get out of my face I’m not going to fight you!” Saraia Collins screamed as she was attacked from students all around her seat on the bus, cell phone video footage of the beating revealed. The 9-year-old girl reportedly suffered a mild concussion due to the beating endured while on the way home from Highland Park Elementary School. Saraia also wondered why the other girls were “so mean.” Collins answered her own question by adding, “I guess that’s just the way they want to be.”

“You should not have to be balled up on a bus corner, beat like that. That’s not right,” Saraia Collins’ mother told the local media. She is now looking for another school for her daughter. Saraia does not want to return to Highland Park Elementary School. The 9-year-old girl is taking the week off from school to recover from the concussion.

An excerpt from the Highland Park Elementary School mission statement, as posted on the school’s website is seen below.

“Highland Park Elementary Talented and Gifted Elementary School is a student focused, nurturing, and engaging learning environment, which provides a culture of mutual respect and high academic achievement through a rigorous instructional program that will prepare students to be college and career ready. We strive to accomplish this vision by maintaining high expectations for teaching and learning; sustaining a safe, positive, and inviting school climate.”

Highland Park Elementary School officials have reportedly suspended the girls who beat Collins and also stated that additional punishments may be forthcoming. The bus driver is currently being reviewed by the district’s transportation department and may face some type of punishment as well.

What do you think the bus driver should have done during the Saraia Collins school bus beating?

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