Was Natallya Rich Murdered? Infant’s Body Found In Basement

The search for missing 4-month-old infant Natallya Rich has come to a tragic end, and now authorities are investigating whether or not the baby was murdered. WILX 10 News reports that the search for the child had lasted for several days before her biological father led authorities to where her body had been hidden. The horrific development came on the heels of reports that shared that both of the baby’s parents were arrested, but what exactly happened?

Authorities in White Cloud, Minnesota are still investigating the circumstances behind the death of 4-month-old Natallya. The information known at this time indicates that the infant was last seen with her father Matthew Bradley. However, according to Fox 17 Online, Bradley’s loved ones witnessed him “wandering around White Cloud” without the little girl.

Right now, it is too soon to tell whether or not the baby was murdered. However, news of the discovery of her body has angered many in the public. Loved ones of the once-missing baby are also appalled. The infant’s grandmother owns the home where she was found in the basement. The grandmother was visibly upset when she spoke to reporters about the shock of knowing that her infant granddaughter was found dead in her own home.

Right now, there are more questions than answers in the disappearance and death of baby Natallya Rich, but authorities are working around the clock to find out exactly what happened to the infant. Meanwhile, there is plenty of speculation surrounding the circumstances in this case, such as whether or not drugs played a role. Even the child’s grandmother acknowledged that drugs played a role in the life of the baby’s dad. Family members of the deceased child’s mother say that crystal meth is the parents’ drug of choice.

More information is being made available as the day progresses, but for now, no information regarding Natallya Rich’s cause of death is being revealed. At this time, her parents have not been charged with any crimes related to her disappearance and death, but this can change at any time. Investigators are still interviewing anybody who had been around the baby around the time of her disappearance.

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter