Is Apple Really Prepping A Super-Expensive Rose Gold iPhone 6s To Match The Apple Watch?

It’s no secret that Apple appears to be planning to bring some of the more novel features of its recently released Apple Watch over to the iPhone later this year, but a new report signals that Apple could be making even more changes than anyone had expected. The newest report claims that Apple could be bringing one of the most luxurious elements of the Apple Watch over to the iPhone, with a new version that could cost consumers thousands of dollars.

The newest report comes by way of AppleInsider, which cites a claim from well-connected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in saying that it’s a possibility that Apple will bring the “rose gold” look of the highest-end Apple Watch over to the iPhone 6s. Apple already offers three shades of iPhone already, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to add a fourth colorway for the rumored iPhone 6s.

The kicker, though, is that Kuo isn’t too specific on whether Apple’s “rose gold” iPhone 6s would simply have the color of Apple’s most expensive Apple Watch offering… or if Apple would actually put out a gold iPhone 6s.

It may sound ludicrous, but so too was the notion of Apple putting out an Apple Watch with a price tag starting at $10,000. Apple did just that, though, and the rose gold Apple Watch has been seen on the wrists of celebrities, movie makers, and musicians alike.

So, could Apple be planning just that sort of move with the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7? The wide price range of the Apple Watch shows Apple is no stranger to luxury offerings, and the 18-karat gold watch has been seen on the wrists of the super rich, so what’s to say that those same one percenters won’t want an iPhone to match their Apple Watches?

Of course, Apple could simply be pulling the rose gold coloration from the Apple Watch to add to its line of iPhones. The color option isn’t the only thing Apple is expected to bring from the Apple Watch to the iPhone 6s this year, though. Apple is also expected to take the Force Touch feature and bring it to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, giving upgraders a new and improved way of interacting with their devices’ touchscreen interfaces.

Aside from Force Touch, Apple is expected to pack a number of other improvements into the iPhone 6s. This year will likely see Apple putting an A9 processor into the new iPhone, as well as a full 2 gigabytes of RAM. That would double the RAM Apple currently has in iPhone models, likely bringing the device up to par with the iPad.

Kuo’s report isn’t all good news, though. The Apple analyst appeared to confirm that Apple will not be introducing a new four-inch iPhone model this year, contrary to prior reports. No word on whether the iPhone maker will re-release the iPhone 5s in a smaller, plastic form factor, though.