WWE News: WWE Set To Sign A Ton Of Independent Stars This July, Whose On The Short List?

WWE has been bringing in a ton of great talent the last few years. Since Triple H has taken over Talent Relations, he has built an amazing developmental system and has given fans a sneak peek into what the future of WWE will look like with him at the helm. Interestingly enough, it has made people love The Game instead of always hating him for “burying” talent. While Triple H has seemingly buried many, he has put over far more.

Regardless, WWE needs talent and Triple H is the man in charge of bringing them in. Now, he may be bringing in a ton of new people. According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is expected to bring in a great deal of new talent this July. It is usually a challenge to bring in multiple people at a time, but the idea on WWE’s end is that there will be a lot of people going through the same thing. They feel with more people going through a similar lifestyle, it’ll make it easier for all to adapt.

WWE is expecting to sign multiple people every two to three months.

The idea nowadays is to sign many Indy workers, because they are usually the better performers with far less to teach and go over. WWE has seen the ability in Indy workers and feel that most of them are into WWE as a career and not as a stepping stone. It also helps that the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Seth Rollins was a former star on the Indy scene. People such as Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, etc. all were good Indy wrestlers before being signed to WWE.

It is felt that by signing the talent younger, WWE will have a far better chance to use them going forward. So it is expected that WWE will now only sign Indy workers under 30 years of age outside of a major star like a Samoa Joe. The last few have been over that, which is a concern. Mainly because many of them have been working for a decade, and that takes a tole on the body. That means an investment in them may be a problem. If they bring in talent younger, they can get the best years out of a talent instead of the end.

WWE is interested in talent like ROH worker Adam Cole whose around 25, but it doesn’t appear they will get him any time soon. Johnny Gargano, Kyle O’Reilly, etc. are also rumored for WWE to bring in and all under 30. WWE recently brought in Uhaa Nation, who is 27. He is expected to be used a lot down in WWE NXT. Others are available, but it assumed that WWE may not bring in big stars from the Indies right now but still could bring in good Indy wokers. They can’t sign top guys as often because most are under other contracts.

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