Manny Pacquiao Says He Was Sabotaged On Fight Night, Not Allowed To Use Legal Painkiller

Recently, Manny Pacquiao has been the subject of numerous rumors claiming that the Filipino boxer hid his torn rotator cuff for financial gain. These rumors allege that Pacquiao kept mum about his injury to avoid having his fight rescheduled, securing his payday of over $100 million.

However, on HBO’s boxing broadcast last Saturday, seasoned HBO boxing analyst Max Kellerman debated against said rumors. He presented his case, contending that Pacquiao does not deserve to be bashed for his decision.

Kellerman argued that choosing to fight with the shoulder injury was the better option for Pacquiao. He believes that postponing the fight would have reduced the Filipino boxer’s chances of winning against opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr.

During the broadcast, the HBO boxing analyst expressed, “I think some people have the sense that Manny Pacquiao sold out for the money. And by fighting with a torn rotator cuff, not giving himself the best chance to win, he somehow perpetuated a fraud on the public. I strongly disagree with this.”

Kellerman then continued explaining.

“When all the tickets have already been sold, the hotel rooms have been booked, the airfare, etc., the eyes of the boxing world hoping to see this fight and this event. What did Manny Pacquiao do? He manned up. He said, ‘If I can get a shot of Toradol in my shoulder, I can go through with this fight. I think that gives me the best chance to win.”

“By the way, if he postpones, there may never be a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Who knows if Mayweather is even still active 12 months-plus into the future,” he added.

Kellerman defends Pacquiao

Mayweather comments on Pacquiao injury

Meanwhile, in the midst of the growing controversy surrounding his shoulder injury, the Filipino boxer is taking it all in stride. He remains strong in his Christian faith quoting Romans 8:28 to point out that his loss had a purpose. Pacquiao also related that his ultimate goal wasn’t to win the match. Instead, he claimed that his goal “was to give God all the honor and glory no matter the outcome.”

Moreover, in an interview with the Rappler, Pacquiao revealed that Mayweather knew of his shoulder injury during their fight. He then relayed how Mayweather took advantage of this knowledge.

“You saw when he was pulling my hand? He was doing that because he knew. He was pulling it.”

During the same interview, Pacquiao also made other revelations regarding his fight with Mayweather. He related that it was the first time in his 20 years of boxing that his vitamins and water were withheld.

Pacquiao says he was sabotaged

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