Marilyn Mosby Criticized By Bill O’Reilly For Attending Prince’s Freddie Gray Tribute Concert

When Baltimore City State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced the harsh charges she is raising against the six police officers implicated in the death of Freddie Gray, she received a huge amount of flack for being incompetent and politically motivated.

Her reputation took another hit as she recently got slammed once again when she made an appearance at Prince’s Rally4Peace which was held in Baltimore last Sunday. She said that she was given tickets to the concert as a Mother’s Day gift.

One of the legal critics to take a jab at the state attorney was lawyer Mark O’Mara, the legal counsel of George Zimmerman who successfully defended him during his high-profile trial. O’Mara commented on Mosby’s concert appearance.

“If she wants to prosecute cops, that’s a gargantuan task in itself. If she’s going to be the standard in which we prosecute police, then do it responsibly, don’t open yourself to undue criticism. A lot of lawyers are probably asking, why are you on stage with Prince – why aren’t you working?”

The media was just as unforgiving. Last Monday night in an episode of The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly fired at Mosby in their discussion.

In previous statements, Kelly spoke in defense of Mosby, but now she is retracting her remarks. In the show, she describe the state attorney’s appearance in Prince’s concert as “totally inappropriate.”

“She had no business being there,” Kelly said.

O’Reilly then added to Kelly’s statement saying, “Ms. Mosby is running the most unprofessional office I have ever seen in my life.” He continued his critisism.

“It’s not like we didn’t know where Prince was coming at this from. She’s supposed to be a professional so that she’s above this all, so she is above reproach. So far, so bad Ms. Mosby.”

In the motion that they filed, they emphasized to the court that Mosby and her husband are to benefit financially and politically from the case. The attorneys cited that the state attorney previously received a $5,000 campaign donation from the Gray family lawyer, William Murphy.

Mosby refused to address the said issue. Instead, she only continues to deny that she has a conflict of interests.

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