The Real Reason Demi Moore Did Not Want Rumer Willis To Go On ‘DWTS’

Rumer Willis and partner Val Chmerkovskiy dazzled fans and judges alike with performances inspired by Natalie Portman’s Black Swan scenes in their latest Dancing With The Stars competition. Although their competitors were equally dedicated, Rumer and Val came out on top with a perfect score of 70 out of 70.

Ms. Willis said that she watched Black Swan to prepare for her routine with Chmerkovskiy. Rumer admitted that, although some scenes left her feeling “a little creeped out,” she felt that the film had a positive effect on her and helped her to get into the right frame of mind.

“Natalie Portman does an incredible job, how fierce she is and elegant … I was really trying to do that justice.”

The judges and fans weren’t the only ones impressed. As has been the case throughout this season of Dancing With The Stars, Rumer’s parents were in the audience to show their support and Demi Moore in particular expressed that she was awed by Ms. Willis’ talent for dancing.

Initially, Demi Moore reacted like any concerned parent, when Rumer revealed her interest in the Dancing With The Stars opportunity. Moore thought she knew her daughter well enough to predict disaster, but Ms. Willis surprisingly found a new sense of self-confidence as her dancing talents began to emerge.

“My whole insides, I have to be honest, were screaming, ‘No,’ ” Demi said in a taped Dancing With The Stars segment. “One of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed is watching her passion become greater than her fear.”

Demi wasn’t the only family member to speak about having pride in Rumer’s accomplishments. Each member of Ms. Willis’ family expressed a feeling of admiration for Rumer.

“I’ve seen Rumer grow more since she’s been on Dancing with the Stars than I have in maybe, like, the past four years. It’s really, really special that the world is falling in love with her,” Scout Willis said.

“Who knew she could dance? And then here she is – an incredible dancer,” Rumer’s 21-year-old sister Tallulah Willis said. “Just give her something to try and she’s going to kill it.”

Bruce Willis, who has shown support for Rumer at rehearsals as well, just had three simple words that perfectly described his pride. “I love her.”

Later, Rumer Willis responded to the prerecorded segment with a statement overflowing with emotion. Rumer said that she felt fortunate to have so much support and love from her family.

“It’s a funny thing, you can have your parents tell you those things your whole life, but if you have them say it, and they’re not necessarily saying it to you, I feel like in a weird way you sometimes listen more.”

[Featured image: Bruce Willis, Rumer Willis, and Demi Moore courtesy of Joe Corrigan/Getty Images]