Roberto Martinez-Marinero’s Brother’s Body Found In River, Josue’s Family Devastated

Josue Ramirez-Marinero’s death has left the family devastated since they had been holding out hope that the so-called “dumpster boy’s” brother had survived. Unfortunately, Roberto Martinez-Marinero’s brother’s body was found dead after the older man admitted to tossing the five-year-old into a river last week. With the death confirmed, the family is saying that Martinez-Marinero and his girlfriend, Gabriela Guevara, deserve justice.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Roberto Martinez-Marinero confessed to killing his mother, Jesus Ismenia Marinero, last week. She had been stabbed multiple times, and reports say it appeared she had been beaten in the face and head with a baseball bat.

Due to the disturbing details of the case, the man’s bail was denied and prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty based upon the charges of two counts of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and various weapons offenses. Omaha County Attorney Don Kleine noted that it’s been said that Roberto Martinez-Marinero’s brother’s body was tossed into the river since he was a witness to his mother’s murder, but Kleine believes neither drugs or potential gang affiliations motivated that man.

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that he was under the influence of anything other than himself at the time he committed these acts,” said Kleine, according to WOWT. “It’s hard to imagine what was going through anyone’s mind.”

Veronica Rosa, Marinero’s niece, and Reina Rosa had been holding out hope that Josue would be found alive.

“We had hope. We didn’t want to take the word of you know, it wasn’t going to be possible. We wanted to think that Roberto lied and that he didn’t do what he did,” said Veronica.

Now that Roberto Martinez-Marinero’s brother’s body has been found dead, Veronica says the entire family hopes he and his girlfriend will be punished.

“They want the law to judge them both equally and they deserve to pay with the full extension of the law for what they did. Both of them.”

But Veronica hopes forgiveness can be found in the end.

“We love you. You are our family. We are not anyone to judge you,” she said of Roberto. “We know that [your mother] died for you because she loved you. She loved you and she always said, ‘I’ll never leave Roberto, I love you until the day I die.’ “

Gabriela Guevara also appeared in court. Prosecutors claim she carried the body of Martinez-Marinero’s mother into a car in addition to trying to conceal evidence.

Fortunately, the baby found in the dumpster, Angel Ramirez-Marinero, is doing well, and Reina Rosa recalls she made a promise to take care of him as long as she lives.

God touched us because at least he left us Angel, and we have a part of my sister with us, and that is going to strengthen us,” she said, according to “When the boy is bigger, in some way we have to tell him what happened.”

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