Mayim Bialik Gives 'Big Bang Theory' Co-Star Jim Parsons Her Seal Of Approval For 'An Act Of God'

Sarah Field

Sheldon and Amy may have broken up on the emotional season finale of The Big Bang Theory, but Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik remain good friends. Bialik took to her Facebook page Tuesday night to express support for Parsons as he takes on a hefty role as God on Broadway.

Under a photo of the two smiling, Bialik placed a caption that showed her happiness for Parsons.

"One of my favorite people is amazing in #AnActofGod. Yes, that person is Jim Parsons. What a performance. What a fascinating thoughtful smart smart play. Loved it. Here's us in his dressing room after the show."

Parsons told Today that he was happy to get back on stage.

"Theater is so rejuvenating for me... Every time I go back, it's like touching home base again."

— God (@TheTweetOfGod) April 30, 2015

"For lo, I have endowed him with a winning, likable personality; and know of a certainty that your apprehension of My depthless profundities will be aided by his offbeat charm."

But fans of Sheldon and Amy need not worry that Mayim Bialik will take an extended vacation from the program. In a post-finale interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Steven Molaro explained Amy was "light" in recent episodes because Bialik had to attend to personal matters. (Bialik revealed on her blog in April that her father passed away.)

Molaro said that despite the couple's break up, "Without a doubt, absolutely yes" Mayim will remain a regular on The Big Bang Theory.

In the meantime, Jim and Mayim can continue to hang out behind the scenes.

[Photo Credit: Mayim Bialik/Facebook]