Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: Together Again Or Just Stuck In the Moment?

Call it “Pokémon dating.” A boyish protagonist extends an open hand outward and with a flash of light he cries aloud, “I choose you!” And with that, the deed is done. By many accounts, that is how Justin Bieber is courting the ladies these days, and it just might have worked with former squeeze Selena Gomez in light of recent reports that the two are on the way to getting back together again.

Celebrity news repository Hollywood Life seems pretty confident that the one-time power couple is destined to become a hot item at some point in the very near future. Reading the proverbial tea leaves is an “insider” who shared some scuttlebutt about how The Bieb still pines for his ex.

“Justin always talks about Selena when the topic of marriage comes up,” the unnamed informant told Hollywood Life. “He may hang out with a bunch of different girls like Kendall, Hailey [Baldwin], and his Miami babes, but he has said not once, but often that Selena is the only girl he’s ever been with who is marriage material. He wasn’t dissing the other girls, but he explained that they [Bieber and Gomez] have a ‘soulmate’ relationship.”

Gossip columns and back-fence talk aside, Bieber and Gomez themselves have hinted that they might well end up together again. Last week, TMZ posted video of Justin Bieber enthusiastically giving props to Selena after the two crossed paths at the Met Gala in New York City. Bieber yelled out the window of his car at the paparazzi, telling them that Gomez “looked gorgeous,” ostensibly referring to her winsome wardrobe that included a flowing gown with a plunging backline.

For her part, Selena Gomez fueled the suspicions of stargazers earlier this week with a curious post on Instagram. As noted by Inquisitr, Gomez shared a suggestive video on herself in bed, apparently topless and moaning that she couldn’t sleep. Not surprisingly, many fans leapt to the conclusion that Selena was still atwitter after seeing her bygone beau at the aforementioned Met event. Then again, she might not have to keep running that single, fleeting moment through her memory banks over and over again, seeing as how a number of reports have surfaced indicating that Bieber and Gomez have been in direct contact ever since that night. According to Master Herald, numerous sources have disclosed that Justin has been texting “like crazy” since they saw each other last week.

Rumor mills and the abundant wishful thinking of starry-eyed admirers make it difficult to tell which way things are going for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at any given moment. It is perhaps easy to appreciate that recurring speculation regarding whether or not they’re together again might easily create discord in their present relationships, as both celebrities reportedly have other love interests. Then again, destiny is a hard thing to fight, even if noteworthy catches like Kendall Jenner and DJ Zedd are waiting in the wings. While breaking up is hard to do, it seems that staying apart is even tougher for some folks.