Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Dez Bryant Wants Adrian Peterson Traded To Dallas -- Can Cowboys Make It Happen?

The Dallas Cowboys rumors of them trying to acquire running back Adrian Peterson in a trade with the Minnesota Vikings will never die. Even though the Vikings have said they won't be trading Peterson, many believe that it's still something to talk about, and that includes Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

"If that could happen I would love it," Bryant said Sunday night after leaving The Palm in Bev Hills. "We are both from East Texas. We believe in the same thing. Just as much as he love the game, I love the game the same way. It would be very special."
Dez Bryant was speaking to TMZ about Adrian Peterson playing for Dallas, and he obviously believes that the team could do no wrong with him on the roster. It sure appears as if he didn't have the same feelings when DeMarco Murray was on the team the last few years.

Now, does Dez Bryant believe that Adrian Peterson will be traded to the Dallas Cowboys? Not necessarily.

"The Vikings not lettin' that happen, 'cause if they did, the league would know what would happen," Bryant said. "That man is a monster."
Bryant has a point that Peterson is a "monster," but he may also have a very good point that the Vikings won't let it happen. They aren't going to just give away their star running back.

For months, there was talk of the Cowboys acquiring Peterson in a trade with the Vikings during the NFL Draft 2015. Well, the draft came and went without many big deals at all being made, and that includes one for Peterson.

After that was over, it was still thought that a trade could end up happening for Adrian Peterson, and he may still end up in Dallas. Rumors of the All-Pro running back holding out of Vikings' training camp in hope of a trade have been stirred up, but there's still a good bit of time until that comes around.

Recently, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones came out and said he would be willing to trade away a 2016 first-round pick "now" if it meant the Cowboys getting better immediately. Everyone knows that Adrian Peterson would make the Cowboys better, but the Vikings still have to bite on the trade talk.

CBS Sports reported that Dez Bryant was also asked about Deflategate and his famous catch/no-catch from last year, but Adrian Peterson was the hot topic. Will the running back ever get traded to the Dallas Cowboys?

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