Mansion Site Collapses Into Lake: Texas Storms Ravish Land, Home Site Slips Into Water

When a mansion site collapses into a lake, it makes a big splash. That’s what happened over the weekend in North Texas. According to a New York Daily News report, a cliff that supported a condemned home slipped into the water in wake of passing storms. As a consequence, neighboring sites at Lake Whitney are closer to meeting the same fate.

Aerial footage from the location shows two large chunks of limestone in the lake after the mansion site collapsed 75 feet into the lake Sunday. One year ago, the home that once overlooked the cliff was condemned. The owners abandoned it after learning that a fissure had formed underneath. Over time, erosion caused the sediment and limestone to take a tumble.

Officials hatched a plan to set the site of the mansion on fire and address the growing hazard. The controlled burn took place in July of 2014. Afterwards, the detected crack continued to grow in size. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expressed “concern” over the site; experts there feared the portion of cliff could pose a hazard for adjacent homes.

Two plans were proposed to mitigate any threats. One included a controlled detonation of the remaining portion of the mansion site to force a collapse. The other involved inserting special balloons inside the crevice to nudge it away from the remaining homes and into the water.

However, Mother Nature stepped in with a rainstorm that washed the loose limestone away permanently. Luckily, the Spanish mansion site in the fissure’s path was spared. It’s unknown if it will suffer the same fate as the previous dwelling by being condemned. Nonetheless, officials are trying to assist homeowners with a resolution to address any additional collapses at the lake site. Any intervention will be at the owners’ expense.

[Photo via YouTube screenshot]