‘CSI’ Canceled: William Peterson Could Return For Two-Hour Movie Series Finale

CSI may have been canceled, but fans of the crime drama could have one last hurrah with original star William Peterson.

Reports have indicated that CBS is giving CSI the axe after 15 seasons, but the network will be giving the show a fitting sendoff, with a two-hour movie to bring the series to a close.

While CBS has yet to announce exactly how CSI will go off the air, rumors have been building that Peterson could return for the event. As Deadline explained, Peterson not only made CSI a hit through character Gil Grissom, but also worked behind the scenes after he exited the show.

“Petersen, who has remained an executive producer on CSI following his on-screen exit, not only helped put CSI on the map, he helped put the show on the air. The actor was one of the biggest names on CBS’ talent roster during the 2000 pilot season with a rich talent deal, and of all the scripts he was presented with, he picked a forensic crime drama from then-novice writer Anthony Zuiker. Peterson’s character Gil Grissom was synonymous with CSI for the first nine years. It would mean a lot to fans if he came back the way TheOffice star Steve Carell returned for the cult NBC comedy’s last episode.”

It’s unclear what other stars might return for the CSI finale. After Peterson left in 2008, he was replaced by Laurence Fishburne, who stayed two and a half seasons and then announced he was leaving. He was replaced by Ted Danson in 2011, and Danson has held the lead since then.

There are still some conflicting reports on whether CSI has actually been canceled. A separate report from Deadline claimed that CBS might actually be renewing the show, and that the two-hour movie to wrap up the series won’t be coming until next year.

The report claimed as follows.

“But it has not been unceremoniously cancelled. I hear the network continues to work on a finale plan for next season, likely a movie wrapping up the series, which spawned a billion-dollar franchise for the company. I hear the announcement might be made at CBS’ upfront presentation on Wednesday.”

While CSI may have been canceled, the series it spawned lives on. CBS has already announced that the spinoff CSI: Cyber has been renewed for a second season.

[Image via CBS]