’19 Kids And Counting’ Stars Josh And Anna Dish Baby News As Michelle Duggar Unveils Behind-The-Scenes Moments

19 Kids And Counting always has enchanted fans of the Duggar family with its charming tales of what it’s like to grow up surrounded by brothers, sisters, and parental love. And now as the older children are getting married, the growing family also proves that there’s always enough love to go around, as with Josh and Anna Duggar’s pregnancy news, reported Us Weekly.

To involve her other children in the baby bump announcement, Anna asked an ultrasound technician to visit their home. But shhhh, it’s a secret! The technician stealthily penned in the gender news on a sealed strip of paper. That meant that Anna could discover with her family whether it was a boy or a girl during the baby shower.

“It was such a fun bonding experience for our whole family,” explained Anna of the reason for holding off on knowing the news.

And that’s just an example of what happens when you’ve got 19 kids and counting – literally. But as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, matriarch of the family, and 19 Kids And Counting producers recently revealed, even more goes on behind the scenes, reported People.

For example, when an epidemic hits the Duggar household, it’s not just a dozen kids coughing, sneezing, and whimpering with an illness such as chicken pox or influenza. The entire crew sometimes gets sick (achoo!).

In addition, because the crew sometimes knows secrets before the youngest children, the tiniest ones sometimes resort to bribery. For example, a cameraman might be offered a favorite doll or teddy bear in exchange for revealing the newest baby name or gender.

But above all, as the Inquisitr reported, love always is woven into each episode of 19 Kids And Counting. On Mother’s Day, for example, Michelle Duggar revealed that her children won’t let her do anything. And she loves the pampering from each and every child.

“Oh boy, do we ever celebrate,” revealed the 48-year-old matriarch. “We definitely do. Jim Bob and the kids come up with all kinds of ideas.”

Above all, she adores the handmade cards carefully crafted by each child, from young to old (the tiny ones sometimes get a helping hand from Daddy or a big sister or brother). And Michelle treasures them forever.

“My favorite is the handmade cards, those are the most precious keepsakes ever. Dad and the older girls have the little ones working on cards. It melts my heart reading them. Those are keepsakes we save, stacked in a box in Jim Bob’s office. I look back at my mother’s day cards through the years and think they are so sweet.”

[Image Via TLC/19 Kids And Counting]